Video Review: Keyshia Cole “(I Just Want It) To Be Over”

Keyshia Cole leans against a hunter green door.

She sits in her bed, her hand on her forehead and throws her arm up. She gets up and opens the curtain. Seeing the brick, she turns around and panics. She hits her hands on the door and slinks down to the floor. She kicks the door and tosses the pillows.

She heaves a chair at the mirror and enters a hallway. She walks down the hallway and leans against the wall. In one room, she spots a young woman sleeping in a bed. A young man sits on the bed, drinking champagne as a second young woman puts her arm on his shoulder. A couple of rooms over, she glimpses a second man arguing with another woman. The second man tries to talk in the hallway and she shoves him away.

She moves a red curtain and walks into a club. She sees a third man staring at her while with his girlfriend and begins to perform on stage. After singing, she sits and drinks with some friends.

Rating: 3/5

Keyshia Cole sips on her water as she sits at the restaurant. Across from her, she sees a couple eat in silence. The young man starts to talk again once they server asks them a questions. She sighs as she thinks of her relationship. She really needs to end it. He searches for excuses to break their dates while she makes other plans without asking him.

Every day, she waits for him to leave her. She should’ve left a long time ago. However, a part of her believes it’s a rough patch. She watches a couple walk towards a table, He gets the chair for her. She smiles to herself. It’s likely their first date. She wishes she and her boyfriend could return to the first year of their relationship. She was sure he was the one. However, she realized he was only for himself. Her parents love them him, though. But they don’t know the real him.

She picks at the meal and asks the server for a carryout bag. Glancing over her shoulder, she watches the second couple laugh and joke with each other.

Director: N/A Year: 2004

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