Video Review: Rudimental, Major Lazer, Anne-Marie & Mr. Eazi “Let Me Live”

A local South African dance troupe, move between two vans in separate lines, gesture towards the camera. Major Lazer and Mr. Eazi stand by their car in the parking garage.

In London, England, Anne-Marie looks out her window and then walks past the street vendors. She meets Major Lazer by their car in the street.

Wearing a Los Angeles Lakers crop top and track pants, she dances on top of a car. The South African dance troupe circles the car, carrying red crates. A young woman, her face painted, sits in the car. She stands on the edge of the door and does doughnuts. Lit in violet, A second young woman dances by herself in the parking garage.

Lit in faded red, Anne-Marie sits with Major Lazer in the parking garage. She gets up and dances.

Back in the parking garage, Major Lazer and Mr. Eazi stand on the two vans while the dance troupe performs.

A dancer hops on the checkered squares in the parking garage.

Mr. Eazi clings to the door handle as he sings in a moving van. Mr. Eazi dances in the parking garage with some of the dancers. Two men, wearing a black-and-white striped outfit, face another while they perform by a pinstriped platform. Anne-Marie joins them.

A car drives off. Anne-Marie shouts as she walks over to a crew member.

Rating: 2/5

Moving Into Dance began in 1978, according to their website, strives to improve their country by visiting poor communities. Dance is taught as an expression of current events while they teach other skills to the children. They perform throughout the world and individual dancers have received awards year after year.

Flatfoot Dance Company started in 2003, according to their website, and works to educate its citizens about HIV and domestic violence. In 2008, they began a program which helped those with disabilities. The company focuses on the health of its citizens.

It’s Cape Dance Company, which opened in 1995, that is the most prestigious. Its training and style is similar to the American Ballet Theatre in the United States. It is led by Debbie Turner who has won multiple awards for her choreography. Its current show is Interplay.

The members of various dance troupes featured present the everyday life of the average African. They go to the grocery store. A fearless woman, though, stands in the door of the car and performs doughnuts, alone. She won’t sit in the car and watch as the men receive the glory. Through their movements, they teach citizens of the Western countries about themselves.

Director: Chris Saunders Year: 2018

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