Video Review: Charlie Puth “The Way I Am”

Empty liquor bottles litter the tables inside a house. A guitar stands in a room. A young woman smiles. Two friends clink their glasses. Charlie Puth sits on a couch at a party while people blur past him. He puts his head into his hands and watches people in the talk in the kitchen.

During the day, he sits on the awning of the house.

He nods off to sleep in a bathtub. People continue to blur past him.

He leans against the wall and holds a mug. The young woman glances at him from the kitchen. He drinks from the mug.

He sits on the counter in the kitchen. People speed past him.

He sits on the wooden border around a plant in the backyard. As the young woman walks away from her friends, she looks at Puth over her shoulder.

Sitting by a shelf of vinyl albums, he moves his knee back and forth. People speed past him.

He sits in the swimming pool while people speed past him again. A young man dives into the pool. The young woman comes back to talk to him. She meets him in the hallway.

Rating: 0/5

Charlie Puth doesn’t even know why he decided to go the party. People were either on their phones, snapping photos or stumbling over one another, slurring their words as they grabbed another drink. He saw someone vomit in the backyard and another couple making out behind the tree.

The conversations were light. He talked about the weather with some people and how great the house was. One person began talking about politics and he thought an actual debate was going to ensue. However, the person merely spouted off ignorant bullet points and refused to take his point of view seriously.

The only person who seemed to have a personality was a brunette, long-haired young woman. She took sips of her drink and helped her friends maintain their balance. She took the keys of one of her friends and led them out of the door. He heaved a sigh as he sat on the couch and went to the kitchen for one last drink. He didn’t want to believe she was gone yet.

An hour later, she walked up to him and introduced herself. She apologized for not talking to him earlier. People were pulling her from conversations to get her attention. He tells her it’s okay. He asks her if she needs a ride home. She answers yes and suggests the long way. As he drove, they stopped at a 24 hour diner for breakfast and watched the sunrise at the beach 60 miles away.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2018

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