Video Review: Lily Allen “The Fear”

Lily Allen gazes out the window of her carvan, which is parked in a meadow. To the left, a clothesline of bras and teddy bears hangs. Toy table and chairs are to the far right. She walks out and then steps back inside.

From the caravan, she enters Wrest Park in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. About a dozen butlers spin once she arrives. As she walks on the royal blue carpet, the butlers dance with her. She walks up the stairway, leading to a bedroom. In the bedroom, she sits at the vanity. A table of desserts is next to her. Some children’s toys lie next to the bed.

She leaves and the butlers open the door for her. She walks in between oversized presents. She sits down, resting her elbow on one of the presents. It stands up. She watches as the other presents begin to spin. While spinning with them, she stares at the ceiling. Pushing aside the presents, she returns back to the stairs.

Back in the hallway, she walks down the royal blue carpet as the butlers stand and out. She exits the estate. Multi-colored balloons decorate the entrance. Balloon people scatter. Two butlers lead her down the staircase. On the path, butlers skip behind her as she avoids the multi-colored fog.

Balloons fly in the grey sky. A ribbon is tied around the estate while a thunderstorm threatens overhead.

Rating: 3/5

Lily Allen drinks in her bedroom of her mansion, tossing the past due notices on the floor. Her maid drops in and asks if she’s feeling well. Hiding the bottle of liquor, she says she’s fine and to leave her alone. The maid says she’ll let her know when the reporter arrives.

Her assistant taps her on the shoulder and moves her limp body to the chair. The assistant puts some makeup on he face and changes her clothes. She reads the latest tabloid, theorizing when she will  she enter rehab. She groans and says it’s not fair. Her assistant says “I know, honey” and says she’s all right.

The doorbell rings and she answers with a forced smile on her face. She points out the artwork and antique furniture. She offers the reporter some imported wine. The reporter refuses and she proceeds to chug the bottle as they walk along her home. She tries to balance herself on the stairs and the reporter asks her if she needs help. She says no but tells the reporter to not include it in the story. She adds that the stories are all lies and passes out.

Director: Nez Year: 2008

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