Video Review: Tiësto, Dzeko, Preme & Post Malone “Jackie Chan”

A metallic ice blue hand spins the record. The arms move up and then to the ear of the gigantic robotic DJ. In the back of the robotic’s head, thin, silver lines connect the roads of the city to him. Another robotic DJ creates a string of winding roads from his headphones.

Lit in midnight blue, a Lego-like Post Malone raps in the passenger seat of a streamlined convertible. Next to him, a Lego-like Preme drives the car on the fragile road made of lasers. Post Malone views holograms of women projected into the city.

They open the block doors and a maniacal snowball with a Christmas hat drops onto a circular platform, sending them through a tunnel. The maniacal snowman chases them down the tunnel. They are able to find a sled and glide along the sides, avoiding the snowball. They knock him with the sled and explodes into square crystals after hitting the target.

They continue to drive and reach a missing piece of the road. They drop into a glass ocean. A Lego-like shark dives into the ocean and swims near the dock. Post Malone and Preme work on the assembly line. Post Malone lights up a bomb and the machine gulps it. Its eyes fill with surprise as it explodes gold coins. Post Malone and Preme eat the coins.

They drive right up to the DJ’s ear and see a sorcerer surrounded by fires inside. The fragile road breaks apart in rectangles. Inside the ear, they enter various keys. However, they leap from the platform as a human key heads towards them. They land into their car and break through the glass. Tiësto and Dzeko glance over their shoulders from the front seat. They fly through the sky.

Rating: 4/5

Two DJ’s invented their own world. The electronic waves emitting from the records slashed through the pollution. Its beats struck the corrupt government destroying national parks and sent the oligarchs plummeting over the edge. Realizing Earth was unlivable, the DJ’s began to build into the sky.

The government toppled their wires in an effort to stop the DJ’s. However, a team of people remained in flight, repairing them and striking down the jets. They toiled in the permanent night, losing track of time and knowing a better world was needed now. Material was sent in code, warning citizens a transformation into a block was necessary to survive in the atmosphere.

The people applied in droves and soon left the old world. Earth began to crumble, leaving the oligarchs to die amongst the buried wealth. Humans were projected on the screens. Some of were family and friend who weren’t able to make it. Nostalgic videos sometimes played to help people adjust to their world. Nonetheless, evil spirits materialized from mixture of chemicals and people were warned of the risks.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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