Video Review: Dan + Shay “Tequila”

A young woman (Mica Von Turkovich) talks with her best friend as they hike in Breckenbridge, Colorado. The young woman pauses and points to a young man (Nyle DiMarco) lying on the snow, asking her friend if she seen him. She calls out to him. Her best friend wonders if he’s all right. The young woman suggests walking over to him. Her friend agrees.

She calls him out to him again and asks her friend why he hasn’t responded to them. She sets up a plan that one will stay with him while the other finds help. She taps him on the shoulder and he turns towards her. As he stands up, she apologizes to him. He signs that he’s deaf and writes on a notepad. She invites him back into town with them. They smile at another while he picks up his stuff.

Dan and Shay play their instruments on the mountain.

A fire burns in the fireplace as the young man and woman talk on the couch. He teaches her sign language while they play pool at the bar. During the week, they take a drive and stop in the middle of the road. He drinks from his flask and she signs to him, wanting to know what it is. He tells her it’s tequila.

At the bar, she signs that she wants tequila as they sit together at the counter. They stop to get gas on their way home from their road trip.

By himself, he traces the lines of the map to Utah. In the family room, she says that she has fallen for him. She discovers her map while he is out hiking out one afternoon.

A piano burns.

She shoves him as he prepares to leave. They make out in bed. Outside, they continue to argue and he gets into his pick-up truck. She taps his truck as he drives off and watches as he turns the corner. At a light, he looks at his map and then shoves it in the glove compartment.

Four years later, he returns back to Breckenbridge, Colorado. He parks his truck in the bar’s parking lot and reads as he phone as he sits at the counter. He types in tequila while the young woman finishes calculating an order. She signs tequila to him.

Rating: 5/5

At the end of the Delicate Arch hike, a man had bought him a drink. People had clapped him on his back and he wrote thanks on his phone. However, it was a hollow accomplishment. On his way, he had met dozens of people but none took the time to learn sign language. In the evening, he had left Utah without a goodbye.

He had hoped the young woman still lived in Colorado. She had mentioned she worked in a doctor’s office as a receptionist. He considered knocking on the door of the doctor’s office but backed out once he entered town. It was four years ago.

After visiting the hiking trail where they first met, he decided to go the bar. He stares down at his phone as the memories rush back. He chokes back the tears and hopes someone may know who she is. To his surprise, she greets with the some of the sign language he taught her. He types in his phone, asking if she remembers anything. She signs yes. She continues to sign that she’s talking classes to help deaf children. He had inspired her.

After her shift, he invites her out for breakfast and they continue to catch up. In her driveway, he tells her he’s missed her and he should’ve have gone. However, he here’s to stay. She kisses him and says she has never stopped thinking of him.


Director: Patrick Tracy Year: 2018

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