Video Review: Gina G “Ooh Aah…Just A Little Bit”

A cluster of lights flash as Gina G and her friends walk down a hallway. A man dances in the same hallway alone in silhouette.

Lit in royal blue, she walks backwards in the hallway alone. The director hits the clapboard. Two men dance down the hallway in silhouette. Back in royal blue, she stands by herself as her friends dance underneath the cluster of lights. She sits on the floor, lit in red and then walks by herself.

A young man combs back his hair while in the hallway. He walks backwards, opens his jacket and turns around.

Lit in red, her friends join her as she dances in the hallway. Back in the blue light, she walks to the exit. The young man stands by the opened door. Lit in green, He dances with his friend. It rotates to her standing in the hallway lit in green.

The colors change as she stands with her friends as they dance. In silhouette, the young man talks to his friend. Back in the green light, the young man and his friend dance.  He stares at the ceiling while wearing sunglasses. He slicks back his hair. In silhouette. the young man and his friend walk back and forth. Lit in red, she stands by herself.

Rating: 0/5

Gina G dances with her hands clutching her minidress as she stares at young man in a suit, sitting on the couch. Her friends dance in the center and call for her to join them. They tell her she’s missing out on the fun. She waves them off, saying she’s here to find a rich man and has spotted one in the corner.

She waits for the young man’s female friend to leave and then she approaches him. She taps his shoulder and asks if he had seen her earring. He helps her look on the floor. She concocts a story that it was her favorite pair of diamond earrings. He apologizes and say he can’t find it. She thanks him and offers to buy him a drink. He tells her it’s all right. She snaps her fingers at the server and hands over  her credit card. She tells the server to put it on her tab.

All night, she talks to him. She learns that he owns a business and plans on expanding soon. She prods him for photos. hoping to sneak a glimpse of his wallet. After an hour, he thanks her for the drink and says it was nice talking to her. She presses him for his phone number but he declines.

She returns back to her friends and says it’s time to go home. The guy racked up hundreds of dollars on her credit card and left her with the tab. Her friends glare at the irresponsible server and say they are never coming back here to again.

Director: Fruit Salad Year: 1996

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