Video Review: Sabrina Carpenter “Almost Love”

Sabrina Carpenter reads the book, Almost Love, to her friends on the couch of her home. She turns the page while her friends discuss the last chapter. She and her friends begin to dance.

She opens her glass cosmetic box and runs her hand along her tubes of lipstick. She puts on some red lipstick and closes it as one of her friends explains the importance of the brand. She nods her head.

Dressed in a black outfit, she and her girlfriends walk down the stairs together. They dance and lean on the railing. One of her friends takes a young man by the hand on the lawn. She licks her ice cream cone as she sits at a table with him. She and her friends walk on the sidewalk and continue their dance routine.

Wearing a red dress, she and her friends dance in a room of statues.

Her friend rolls her eyes as the young man checks out another woman who walks past them, Carpenter walks with a third young man. Her friend plays a game of croquet and the second young man asks her to step aside. Carpenter waits him by the plants. She runs her finger on her lip. The third young man walks up to her. She toys with his shirt collar. Her friend prepares to kiss the second young man.

The third young man turns to stone as Carpenter kisses him. Her friend smiles as second young man changes into a statue.

Columns illuminated in cardinal red, she and her friends dance in the sculpture room.

On the sidewalk, she removes the black veil from her face. While sitting on the couch, she closes her book. She walks on the balcony.

Rating: 3.5/5

The art dealer gushes at the sculptures and comments that all the men have a lost expression. Sabrina Carpenter thanks her and says they were inspired by her prior relationships. The art dealer says she would like feature her in an exhibition at her gallery. Her talent is unparalleled.

After the art dealer leaves she admires her work. The men turned to stone had fallen for a fatal kiss, ending their privileged lives in moments. The faint screams reached a fever pitch in the room. She walked up to one of the statues and looked into its eyes. The eyes were turned downward. its arms extended. She rubs it and signs the contract.

She locks the glass cosmetic box in a safe. Questions would arise soon. The men chosen had been reported to her by their female victims. Their reports laughed at the police and deemed as liars by juries, the women needed justice served. The men who only would harass again.

The sale would cover the cost of the lipstick and the overall running of the operation. She calls up her friend and it’s time for the second phase.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2018

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