Video Review: Whitney Houston “One of Those Days”

Whitney Houston stands on the balcony of her apartment. She sits on a chair in her family room. She searches the Internet on her laptop while she sits at her kitchen counter. The burner fires up as she places a kettle on the stove. She pours herself some tea and calls her best friend.

She talks with her best friend as they walk into the spa. The receptionist greets them and she says she’s here for her appointment. In their bathrobes, she and her friends talk in the relaxation area. They continue their conversation as they wait on the massage tables. Four men walk into the room.

In the evening, she and her friends drive into the city, singing along to the radio. She and her friends walk into a club. They dance while she talks with Ronald Isley. Isley dances with her friends while she sits in a chair in the VIP area. She dances with a young man on the dancefloor and wears his hat.

Back home, she air guitars while she stands on her balcony. She laughs with Isley at the club. She and her friends continue to sing along with the radio while they drive.

Rating: 3/5

Whitney Houston schedules an appointment online with a local spa. She gives her best friend a call, letting her know the day and time. Her friend says she’s looking forward to it and explains work has been stressful. She says she’s ready and understands. Between work and dealing with family issues, she’s been a bundle of nerves.

On a Saturday afternoon, she picks up her friends and heads to the spa. They sit in the steam room for an hour and then eat some ice by the fountain. They break for a lunch of kale and hummus. During their group massage, the conversation drifts off as they fall asleep.

Reinvigorated, she and her friends exclaim they are wired and need to dance off all their newfound energy. While at the club, she meets Ronald Isley, who invites them to the VIP area. Her friend meets a young man. As designated driver, she abstains from alcohol for the night.

Their voices hoarse, they sing along with the radio until she drops them off. Once home, she imbibes with a glass of wine as she sits in her family room.

Director: Kevin Bray Year: 2002

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