Video Review: Ariana Grande “God is a woman”

Ariana Grande stands on Earth, swinging her hips around the swirling ring of the universe. Lying naked in a white painted pool, the lavender splashes her breasts with color as she moves her arm back and forth.

In black-and-white, she lies on a box on top of a bed, moving her legs inside a womb. Men pull at the sheets. A book opens over a city as a giant Grande sits on a chair, watching the men below hurl insults like bitch and slut at her. Wearing a black bodysuit, she spins on a chair inside a peach lit tunnel.

Dozens of women in white shirts turn their backs as she faces the front, wearing a royal blue jeweled outfit. On her shoulder, the three heads of Cerberus snap and growl. She raises her arms inside a glowing flame of an oversized candle. Legs spread out, she runs her hand over a forest in the United States as she sits on top of the world.  She manipulates the clouds with her fingers.

Wearing a fitted coat., she stands by the door as the sun light enters the room. Lemmings pop out of the ground and scream. In a black-and-white drawing, dozens of Grandes dance on a mountain. The main version of herself walks away. She sits in the field as flowers bloom around her. Her stomach grows. A giant version of herself moves her legs while men nurse underneath her.

Sitting in the Lotus position inside a triangle, she sings a flame burns behind her. Carrying an oversized gavel, she stands in the Pantheon. She swings it and watches as it breaks the ceiling. Streaks of black paint create cat eyes around on her face as she stands within the canvas. Back in the Pantheon, a woman spreads her legs.

As the sun sets, she walks on a tightrope and holds some balloons while crossing the mountain. Wearing a white robe, she stands in the center while hundreds of women raise their arms and bow. She stands outside a lighthouse during a thunderstorm. The waves from the ocean build up and reach the balcony of the lighthouse.

Inside the Sistine Chapel, she reaches for an African-American woman with her hand in an updated version of the Creation of Adam painting.

Rating: 3.5/5

Ariana Grande, as God, stays within the rings of the universe, her presence altering it with the slightest movement. Through wars, she has maintained the health of the Earth. Sitting on the Earth, she causes a thunderstorm in the United States, allowing the dying crops to grow and feed millions of people.

She visits the crops who need her help and blesses them. Her nerves sting her as she listens the disturbing catcalls and insults towards women. In her name, the men are demanding for women’s rights to be rolled back and forcing them to turn their bodies over at will.

A darkness follows her as she leaves the field and she stands up straight. The animals gather around her for safety. Some scream in fear. Dictators in several countries say her name to galvanize their follows. Inside her, spirits pray for help and suffer. She is able to save a few. However, thousands of die as they wait for her help.

She travels to the Pantheon and grabs a gavel. With a single swing, progress starts in the world again. One dictator topples while another is removed from office. She contains one dictator with his finger on the nuclear button. Rights are given back to citizens and order is restored once again.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2018

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