Video Review: La Bouche “Sweet Dreams (US Version)”

Lit in cobalt, two cars crisscross one another as they drive on the flooded street.

Melanie and Lane dance in a parking lot with a crowd of people. Back in cobalt, people continue to drive on the street. A young man performs a trick at the skate park.

Melanie and Lane dance inside a graffitied tunnel.

In the street, a fire burns in a garbage can. The crowd of people dance. A man swings his plaid shirt over his head. Lane dances with a young woman. Lane talks with Melanie as they sit on the hood of a car.

Lights flash inside the tunnel as Melanie and Lane continue to dance.

Lane gets into the car and drives off with Melanie.

Rating: 1/5

Midway through the thunderstorm, a flood advisory was issued. Within the hour, the streets of the city became undrivable. People waited to be rescued at local restaurants. Police helped people trapped in their cars. Basements in surrounded neighborhoods experienced significant damage.

In the early morning, the water subsided and people celebrated in the street. A person started a fire in a garbage can, creating some warmth in the chilly air. Friends reunited with one another and asked if they were okay. Someone turns on their stereo and blares dance music. Everyone begins to move, shaking off the nervous energy from the night before.

For hours, people danced. At about 9 a.m., they started to leave. Some headed to get some breakfast. However, most of the people went back home. There were insurance companies to call and electricians to contact. It was going to be a long day.

Director: Zack Ove Year: 1995

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