Video Review: Big Boi “All Night”

A young man tries on several outfits in front of the bathroom mirror. He decides on a Hawaiian shirt and jeans. He brushes his teeth and dances. The Lyft driver picks him up. He listens to music and types on his phone while she drives him. At the convenience store, he says he’ll be one minute.

He dances in the aisles and spins into the snack aisle. At the pharmacy, he asks the clerk (Big Boi) where the flowers are. He jumps after getting a bouquet. The clerk hands him some All Night condoms and wishes the young man luck. The driver drops him off at the young woman’s house.

Both of her parents greet him at the front door. Her father jiggles the keys and she takes them. They drive to a Mexican restaurant in the city. He spins the menu like a pizza. She tries but it flies onto the table. The server gives them a plate of chips. They take turns feeding one another. The sommelier (Big Boi) offers them some wine. She nearly chokes on the wine as they drink from one another’s glasses.

Once their meals arrive, they clink spoons. He makes airplane noises while he feeds her some from his plate. After dinner, he drives them to a motel. The clerk (Big Boi) gets up from his chair and gets  a room key. The clerk dances with the giant red key. The young man thanks him.

She smiles as they walk into the scarlet lit room and gives him a hug. She grabs the package of condoms. The lights turn off in the motel room.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman handed her yearbook to the young man a couple of aisles over. She kissed him on the cheek and said it better be good. He grins and searches for an open spot. Although they only dated for a few weeks, they remained friends. She was the one who deflowered him. He believed no one would touch him. However, she didn’t care if he was considered a nerd. She liked him.

For most of three weeks, he took a Lyft car and they went to a motel to have sex. However, his parents saw the credit card bill, which resulted into a fight between. Her mother accused his dad of his cheating. His dad said he wouldn’t ever do that to her and says he’ll dispute the charges. Nonetheless, he told them the truth and then discussed the consequences of sex with him. They also created a rule that they needed to stay over at his house during the week,

After school, they held hands while they watched television. His parents eyed them from the kitchen and offered them snacks. She said his parents were too strict and broke it off. He didn’t really blame her and can’t wait until he starts college in the fall. He gives her yearbook back and a hug. She says she’ll miss him.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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