Video Review: Crowded House “Something So Strong”

By a farm, cows graze the grass on a fenced in ranch while a band practices. After finishing a cover, they practice one of their original songs. Neil grins as a young woman, carrying some daisies, leans against his car. Nick dances past Neil as he plays. A friend sits on the rafters and spits out his milk. A second friend listens at the clothesline. A second young woman swings her legs as she sits on some equipment.

Nick dances towards the second young woman and she sticks out her tongue at him. The first friend asks the young woman if she needs anything. Paul steps away from the drums and sings with Neil and Nick. Paul cartwheels back to the drums. The second friend throws a paper airplane behind Paul. It sails past Nick and the young woman. Neil watches fly and leans back in his chair as it returns to the second friend.

The second young woman dances by Neil. The second friend holds the apron as he dances. Both women rest their heads on Neil’s shoulders and sing along. The first friend turns the engine on the tractor. Paul stands up and shouts as the first friend pulls out of the barn.

The hose turns on and a bucket fills with water. The second friend wakes up in a pile of hay. Neil moves out of the way as they walk on the driveway. One of the young woman throws the bucket of the water at Nick. Paul covers Nick’s mouth with his hand and kisses him. They all laugh.

Rating: 4/5

In between songs, Neil, Nick and Paul study for their chemistry test. Due to their parents’ rules, neither can play in the band if their grades drop. Neil’s crush stops by and listens. She gives him some daisies and asks them to play for her party next weekend. They answer they will.

A second young woman tells them they should perform for the talent show at school. Paul answers no. They only play for fun. Neil’s mom offers everyone some snacks and tells them dinner will be at six p.m. They all say hello to her and thank her. She asks everyone how school and yells at the first friend to get down from the rafters.

They stop for an hour and chase each other around the yard. The young woman feeds and pets the cows. Neil sneaks in a kiss and asks her out. She says yes. Paul plays pranks on everyone and the second young woman slaps him on the arm. At six, Neil’s mom says it’s dinner and tells everyone to wash up. They race each other to the bathroom.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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