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A young woman sits on a diving board, moving her feet back and forth in the water late at night. She falls back and lands in her bed. She stares at the ceiling and looks at her clothes. After putting on some music, she tries on some clothes and then leaves.

She says hello to some of her friends at the party. While sipping on some beer, she watches people swim in the pool. In the bushes, a second young woman (Peyton List) hides and steals a jacket. The young woman sits on the couch. The second young woman opens the sliding door and dances by herself. She smiles at the first young woman and offers her hand. They dance together in the family room.

They play a game of beer pong against Trevor, KEVI and Matthew. The second young throws the winning shot. They play ping pong. The second young woman runs her hand along her chest. They dance close. While sitting on the diving board together, the second young woman puts her hand on the first young woman’s thigh.

As they talk by the pool, a third young woman shoves the second young woman into the pool. Underneath the under, the second young woman swims with her fans. The first young woman dives in after her. They kiss once they find each other.

The first young woman helps the second young woman out of the water. A few people watch as the first young woman lifts the second young woman up. She carries the second young woman to the beach. The second young woman glances over her shoulder at the first young woman as she swims away. The first young woman stays by the shore.

Rating: 4/5

The first young woman no longer wanted to be human. She dreamed of living in the ocean with a free-spirited mermaid she had met at a friend’s party. The mermaid had seen something within her she didn’t know existed. Leaving her behind in the ocean was one of the worst things she had ever to do. The mermaid wished to be human and stay on land.

At school, the first young woman hunted down the female classmate who shoved her in the pool. Between classes, she glared at her while the bell ring. Her female classmate did not protest and looked back at her. The female classmate had to have known the mermaid’s secret. The first young woman believes the female classmate had been a violent mermaid once.

The first young woman went to the beach every day for six months, hoping to see her. She called out to her and swam as far as she could. There wasn’t ever an answer. After graduation, she traveled to the Baltic Sea and dived in the Nantucket Sound. She hiked Manu Pichu and backpacked through Europe, waiting for the mermaid to emerge as human. She returns home, stays a month or two and leaves again. The search won’t ever end.

Director: Frank Borin Year: 2018

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