Video Review: The Darkness “I Believe In a Thing Called Love”

A spaceship heads towards an unknown planet.Inside, Justin whips wet hair around as he rises up from behind a heart made of fog. Smoke covers his naked body. A furry creature touches him in the corner.

Wearing a white jumpsuit, he crawls on the bed. Doors open in several corners, allowing Dan, Frankie and Ed to enter. They play in his room. The ceiling opens and he waits for his guitar to drop in his hands. His bed rotates as he plays, turning him into a hologram.

He walks on the blush sand of the planet and inches away from a giant insect. The insect hurls a rock which he is able to avoid. He gives up a thumb up and hurls the rock back on the other side.

Lasers electrify him as he jogs through the hallway of the ship. He points to Dan, who plays in a room of walled amplifiers. Dan slides into further into the room and plays near the burning blue flames.

They play in the control room. A giant crab sits on the ship, spreading its tentacles inside. Lasers shoot out of their instruments as they fight back. Justin aims the lasers within his crown at the creature, pulverizing it. He gives the thumbs up. They continue to travel through space.

Rating: 1/5

Earth had become inhabitable. There was no safe air to breathe. The government had supplied people with masks to cover their faces. However, the population started to drop. Aerospace engineers built space ships in secret. Justin was able to nab one as the panic spread. However, it was nearly stolen from him as people produced false papers for it.

Justin took some family and several friends with them. The government had trained them in safety and infused them with powers. The government told them they couldn’t return to Earth ever again. They launched with heavy hearts, realizing the sky was their home now.

Chemicals had enlarged creatures. A once harmless insect now could bare its teeth and kill with one swipe. Crabs, though, were the most fatal. They had crushed space ships, which caused the government to send out alerts. Justin had tried to turn the ship but the crab was too close. Using their powers, they were able to destroy the creature. However, it meant finding a repair location as soon as possible. They were going to survive, no matter what it took.

Director: Alex Smith Year: 2003

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