Video Review: Kacey Musgraves “High Horse”

In the mid-70s, Kacey Musgraves reads over reports at her desk. Her friend, a young woman with long, curly blonde hair, smokes her cigarette as stops by her desk. Musgraves tells her friend it’s time to go on break.  A female assistant drops a thick folder on the female supervisor’s desk. They roll their eyes while a fortysomething woman shrieks about the workload. Behind her, Dickerson throws money out of his wallet.

She and her friends talk in the break room. One friend reads the newspaper. She stands by the table, stirring the coffee.

Dickerson props her feet on his desk and smokes a cigar. He points to Musgraves as he talks on the phone with a client. In the break room, he spins as enters and shouts in a female co-worker’s ear. The women start to walk in different directions. He puts his arm around her and spills his milk on the table.

The fortysomething woman puts her glasses to her nose and glares at Musgraves. Musgraves mouths “what?” to her. She imagines lassoing Dickerson, the fortysomething woman and Dickerson’s friend.

Tapping her pen against her cheek, she fantasizes of walking into a karoake bar, wearing an aqua jumpsuit. Musgraves also performs wearing denim cutoffs and a tan tank top on stage with a neon pink heart behind her. She sings a song during karaoke and the hands the microphone to her friend with the long blonde hair.

Back at work, Dickerson drops some food out of his mouth in the break room.

Wearing a Rosie Assoulin dress, she dances in the center of the dance floor.

She rides a white horse out of the club.

Her friend taps her elbow, shaking her out of her daydreams of dancing and tells it’s 5 p.m. She gets her purse out the drawer and puts on her sunglasses as she walks out of the door.

Rating: 4/5

Over drinks, her best friend with long, curly blonde hair says Dickerson tried to feel her up in the break room. The women shrug. There was no use in reporting him. According to management, he made his numbers and the company would fail if they lost him. A co-worker asks her how she is able to put up with him behind her all day. She smokes her cigarette and says she imagines herself shoving him through the door. They say they would stand in line and join her.

The host announces it’s time to sing. Musgraves rushes up to the stage and adds her name to the list. She belts out a song. Her friend stands next to her and lets out a drunken wail. After the song, her friend clutches her stomach and she’s out of breath.

Conversation turns to the fortysomething woman. Musgraves says the woman tried picking a fight with her and then reported her to management. Management questioned her and she told them she was standing up for herself. They tell her to be careful. Musgraves puts her cigarette in the tray, stating she’s interviewing for jobs. She hopes she’s able to give her two weeks first before they fire her.

On Monday, she sits at her desk and stares a file folder while Dickerson whispers in her ear. The phone rings and he slurps his coffee while he stands over her shoulder. The man on other line offers her job as an office manager. She answers yes. After jotting down some information in her notebook, she curses out Dickerson and tells the fortysomething woman Dickerson is all hers again.

Her supervisor calls her in regarding her behavior. Musgraves quits on the spot. Her friends watch as she packs up her stuff. The fortysomething woman smirks. She stops her friend’s desk on the way out and says she got the job. Her friend congratulates her.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2018

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