Video Review: New Edition “Earth Angel”

Outside the Mayfair Theatre, a long line of people wait for the Karate Kid II showing. They watch as Ricky, Michael, Ronnie and Ralph serenade everyone with a song. Ricky sings to a young blonde woman in the middle of the line. Ralph bends down and she cranes her neck towards the entrance.

The line moves, which New Edition notice a couple of seconds too late. They follow the lane, trying to find the young woman. The ushers block them from entering. New Edition spot her by the concession stand. She eats some popcorn and shirks in the corner. One of her friends smiles. Ralph blows her a kiss.

In the bathroom, her friend comments they are good-looking. The young woman says they are nothing but “street corner boys.”

As the movie plays, New Edition perform in the balcony. Two young women laugh as they watch the band. On screen, Daniel (Ralph Maachio) talks to his crush. New Edition point to the young women in the first few rows of the audience as they stand on the stage. Some of the people get into it and snap their fingers. The ushers kick them off the stage and throw them out of theater.

Young women call out their names as they walk towards their limousine. They sign autographs. The young women waves to them. However, they invite her friends to hang out with them. She waves goodbye and then leaves.

Rating: 1/5

The young woman mutters a racist comment under her breath. Her African-American friend shifts in her seat and side-eyes her. The young woman says she didn’t mean her. She wasn’t like them. She continues her spiel about her class and then raps along with the song playing in the lobby.

Her friends remain polite. Correcting her would only end in an argument. While she flips her hair and raises her chin up, her friends separate from her. They say that New Edition were being kind and keeping the crowd calm as they waited. Before they arrived, people were grumbling and demanding another screening immediately. While New Edition sang, they stopped to talk to people and even took requests. One friend she had it with the young woman’s behavior.

As the credits rolled, they walked to the exit and talked to New Edition. New Edition asked them if they had dinner. The group of friends responded that they were starving. All they had was popcorn. New Edition opens the doors of the limousine and asks for suggestions.

The young woman sees the group and realizing they are famous, acknowledges them with a wave. However, they ignore her. She returns home and complains to her parents that the movie was awful. They ask if she was okay. They heard New Edition were causing a disturbance. She shakes her head and says they only looking for publicity.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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