Video Review: Dua Lipa “Last Dance”

In a blood red lit bathroom, Dua Lipa holds her breath as she goes under in the bathtub. A trail of fuzzy lime and white swirls of color follow her in the lake as she walks onto land.

As she runs in the rainforest, the sleeves of her t-shirt dress change from green to orange. She looks up and sees an electric blue bark of the tree. A cluster of leaves light up in lavender. A section of the forest turns ice blue.

Wearing her t-shirt dress, she dances in the forest. She puts a blood red veil over her eyes.

Wearing a black bra with black mesh pants, she moves her arms to the right and shakes her hips. Flashes of color emit from her arms. She folds her hands as she continues to dance.

She lies on the lavender dirt and leaves. Her hair turns violet.

Wearing the black bra and black mesh pants, she waves her arms as she dances by a rock. Color flings from her arms.

In the night, she stands in the forest, her t-shirt dress rotating colors.

Rating: 4/5

Dua Lipa pauses at a tree in the rainforest to catch her breath. Her sides cramp as she continues to run. A toucan calls to her. A jaguar roars at her. Lipa roars back and it turns away from her. She pets a sloth. Drained of fear, she starts to dance. Sweat pours down her body as she continues to move. The humidity only energizes her.

Excitement stirs in her belly as she walks through the lake.  The sensation shocks her at first. She stares at her arms, realizing her nerves have settled and realizes it’s joy she’s experiencing. The poison of the last year has bled out of her wounds and bruises.

In the distance, she sees the road back home and ventures into the opposite direction. Home is somewhere new and a place she has yet to discover. She runs back into the forest and finds a path of her own.

Directors: Jon Brewer & Ian Blair Year: 2016

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