Video Review: Rick Springfield “Don’t Talk To Strangers”

Rick Springfield follows a young woman walking on the sidewalk, her shadow aiding him as he anticipates her next move. He runs once she sees her gets inside a car. He leans against the wall and waits to turn around. He sees the car at the traffic light.

At home, the young woman talks on the phone. The sirens blare on the police car as he and his band play the guitar in the street. In the dark, he lights a match. He drops it and her phone catches fire. He plays on the hood of the police car.

The young woman glances at the server sets the plates down at the table. Her date asks for more wine.  Underneath the table, Springfield feels her leg. She slaps her date and the table topples over.

Springfield’s face is superimposed over the city.

He hides in the corner and peeks to see another date take off his scarf. She flips her as she talks to her date on the sidewalk. Through the window, he watches as her date pours her wine in bed.

Using the CB radio, he makes a call, alerting the police.

Her date lights his cigarette. She kicks off her heels in bed. He tears through the window of her bedroom. Shattered glass falls onto the carpet.

She sees the Springfield and her band performing outside her window. She walks past them on the street and glances at Springfield.

Rating: 1/5

The busy signal beeps in Rick Springfield’s ear. He hangs up the phone and checks his notes. According to her pattern, she should be out all weekend with other men. His girlfriend comes up beside him and whispers for him to come back to bed. He waves her off, telling her he can’t be with her right now.

He breaks his plans with another woman on Friday and decides to track the young woman instead. She had shed tears for weeks after he had suggested an open relationship, stating she couldn’t do it. Falling in love with another man would be impossible.

However, she seems to be okay with it now as she chats up her date at the restaurant. Her date had been a man she’d mentioned as only a friend. She had turned down her date’s advances before. But now, there was no longer any need. Both were free to do what they wanted.

Freedom, though, was meant for him. While hanging out with his friends, he made up rumors about her dates for them to pass along. Nonetheless, they refused to give him any information. They believed he wouldn’t want to hear it. He hits his fist on the table and demands to know. They tell him she has fallen for someone else and plans to move in with a new boyfriend soon.

Director: N/A Year: 1982

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