Video Review: Bebe Rexha “I’m A Mess”

Bebe Rexha stands in a narrow, black and white striped hallway.

Against a white wall, she slumps against the wall, her hands over her face.

A television plays a memory of her with her ex-boyfriend. Her finger on temple and mascara smeared from crying, she sits against the wall.

While being wheeled on a stretcher into the mental hospital, she glances back and forth. The nurse (also Rexha) assures her she’ll be okay.

She and the other patients dance on their beds.

In the entertainment room, the patients listen to the their headphones as the images on the television blurs. She puts on her headphones and listens.

She kicks a chair in the cafeteria. A young woman sits on the floor, shaking her head back and forth. A second young woman places her head on the table, moving the pieces from the chess board. Rexha climbs on the table and starts to dance. The patients get up from their chairs or the floor to dance with her.

The walls rotate from red and ice blue while. she stands in the center. The patients shine a lightbulb on her as they move around her in a circle. She sits on the floor as the room changes to ice blue.

Rating: 3/5

The nurse gives Bebe Rexha a hug and says she’ll miss her. Rexha packs her clothes and waits for her parents to pick her up at the mental hospital. She moves the sleeve on her right arm and notices the long scar has become faint. During her 6 month stay, they visited her every other day, reminding her she had people who cared. They spoke with her doctors regarding her progress and asked about her medications.

She believed her family would be better off without her. Her friends would carry on as nothing happened. She sent out a text to her mom saying she loved her and that she tried to be best the daughter. She apologized for her failures and told her there was no need to worry. An hour later, her parents found her, bloodied and rushed her to the hospital.

She begged her parents to not admit her into the mental hospital. They said it would be there for every step of the way. She cried her first night, believing her life was over. No one would ever love her. She would always be the crazy one.

However, she talked with other patients who were healing from their own attempts as they took walks. Someone was always available to talk. She attended individual and group therapy sessions every day. By the end of her stay, the hospital had become a safe place.  She had learned to be herself again. However, she wondered about adjusting to her daily life back home. The counselors assured she wasn’t ever alone.

Her parents congratulate her and bring her flowers. They ask her if she’s ready to come home. She says she isn’t sure. Her mom gives her a kiss and says she can take all the time she needs to adjust.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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6 thoughts on “Video Review: Bebe Rexha “I’m A Mess”

  1. I wonder what Bebe woke up from in the beginning in the Say My Name video? ( Sorry I commented on this page, but the review for Say My Name doesn’t have a commets section.)

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know! The comments should be fixed. I think it was something fun, like one of those nights where you end up with a crazy story.

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