Video Review: Jeremih, French Montana & Ty Dolla $ign “Don’t Tell ‘Em”

Inside his mansion, Jeremih glances over his shoulder as one of his girlfriends waits for him in the hallway.

Ty Dolla $ign raps on the couch.

His girlfriend toys with the straps of her lingerie. She leans against the wall, running her hand along her body. Jeremih opens the door of his bedroom and gazes at the view.

Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign and French Montana perform in the backyard.

She sips some wine as she lounges in the chair in the bedroom. Jeremih sits on the unmade bed. She pours him some Birthday Cake wine while he sits beside her on the floor.

Rose petals and some foam sprinkle the bathroom floor. In the bathtub, he and the young woman have sex.

He continues to rap in the hallway. He closes the door to the balcony.

Rating: 1/5

The young woman closes up her locker at work and says good night to her co-worker. They tell her to have fun with her boyfriend. One co-worker asks for details. As she punches out at the register, she says he’s a really good guy and pulls up a random photo on her phone. Her friend grins and says she did good.

She takes the expressway out of the suburbs and heads for the Hollywood Hills. Jeremih texts her and asks her when she’s coming. She responds she’ll be there in about 15 minutes. Once the guard gives her permission to enter, walks inside.

She and Jeremih make love all night. In the morning, he says he has a gift for her. It’s a thank you for keeping their secret. She opens the Cartier jewelry box and kisses him. As she holds up her hair, he puts the necklace around her neck.

There were many times she wanted to tell people she was sleeping with Jeremih. However, it would mean losing access to some of the celebrities she met. As her friends discussed the latest celebrity afterparty in the tabloids, she smirked to herself. None of them knew she had been there and was the unknown woman mentioned in the article.

During dinner with her parents, they compliment her on her necklace, asking her where she got it. She shrugs and say she got it on sale at a department store. Her father raises his eyebrows and wants to know where she’s getting the money. She tells them she saved up for it. Her mom pats her hand and explains that she’s worried. The young woman says she’s doing all right. Her father tells her to stop lying. She swirls her spaghetti around her fork and says she got a second job. Her dad asks her to bring a paycheck stub next time. Otherwise, he’s going to intervene.

Director: Eif Green Year: 2015

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