Video Review: Andy Grammer “Keep Your Head Up”

Andy Grammer walks down an alley and hangs up some posters advertising his rooftop concert. Three bikers toss him into a dumpster.

Inside the apartment building, he bumps into a young woman and apologizes. A man leaps in front of her with two pillows. The staff encircle Grammer and hit him with pillows. He moves the gate and takes the elevator. It stops at the second floor and picks up a young man (Rainn Wilson). The young man puts his face next to Grammer’s cheek as the lights flicker and the elevator shakes.

After the young man leaves, Grammer discovers that his wrists are tied up. He walks into his apartment and sees a party of women. They hold cupcakes and giggle as he says hello to them. A second young woman pops out of the cake and slaps him across the cheek. A third woman spills champagne on his shirt.

In the laundry room, a second young man reads the newspaper on a plastic chair, his back turned to the washing machines. Grammer takes a shirt out of the machine and runs to the rooftop.

On the rooftop, he sings as the residents and staff dance. Everyone falls to the ground at the same time. The young man lands next to him. Everyone waves their hands in front of their faces. The young man kicks up his leg and then crosses his arms, making hand horns with his fingers.

Rating: 2/5

Andy Grammer plugs his keyboard into the amplifier. The amplifier shorts out. He kneels down on the ground and sighs. He had been playing it months in advance and found some band members. However, there were a lot of missed practices. The permit came in the mail yesterday. The apartment building told him he could only play two songs. He could only hope for the best. However, for fifteen minutes, he was going to fulfill a dream.

The residents in his building asked him about his music and said they would come. His weird neighbor, who worked in sales, said he was his inspiration. Then, promptly notified management of Grammer’s plans.

He slogged through his work day at the office as he created spreadsheets and graphs. His bosses usually glared at him if he asked a question but were quick to point out his mistakes. All he wanted to do was to make music and get paid for it. He’d be satisfied working the front desk at a record company. Although he applied for those jobs, he didn’t hear anything back.

However, to his surprise, his neighbors arrive and tell him they didn’t even know they had such a talented person living with them. One person gave him a business card and asked if he minded working on a session with him. Things seemed to be getting better. After his boss had fired him, he started to work with the man who gave him his business card. The man had offered him a job as his assistant. In between coffee runs, he was able to network with musicians on modest labels.

Director: N/A Year: 2011

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