Video Review: Juice WRLD “Lucid Dreams”

A crystal skeletal bust spins inside a room. Juice WRLD sits on the steps. A golden light shines behind him.

He pokes his head through a rounded hole in the carpet of his ex-girlfriend’s home. At the mirror, she applies blush on her decaying face.

Two of his heads, attached to thick columns of light, fly out of two holes in the blackness. He runs his fingers over the blinds and then peers through them.

Back at the steps, he holds a cigarette. He tilts his head and the wall cracks. In the copper area, the skull turns over several black dots. Inside one of the small dots, the word dead shakes and then falls. A door opens inside a burning home with his face superimposed over the flames.

In the darkness, two scarlet hands reach for one another.

His head pokes through another black dot. In a thundering sky, an outline of a wedding ring flies in the sky. Two crystal white hands try to catch it.

He lights his cigarette on the steps.

She turns her head around, red lightning flickers in her eyes. A fiery storm occurs in the sky behind her.  The same light flashes in his eyes.

He walks up the steps and heads towards the golden light. He holds a belt in his hand.

In a cloudy sky, two hands reach for another again. They touch as a red heart forms in the middle. A flash of red lightning causes them to break apart.

Rating: 0/5

Juice WRLD gulps, the sting of heartburn in his throat. The kimchi fried rice really did a number on his stomach. He stays in his bed for a couple extra minutes, thinking of the unusual dream he had. Apparently, he managed to spy on his soulless ex-girlfriend. She eat ate his soul and he became as monstrous as her.

Brushing his teeth, the images of the skulls surrounded him within the morning light stay with him. He doesn’t want to make the same mistake again. She led a double life and was involved with some shady people. Each day, he left for work, worried about his home.

However, there’s some guilt. He was a part of her schemes and helped to steal some couple’s money. As he went to the bank, he promised himself he would pay it back. But he never did.

The golden light, though, seemed to be a positive sign. While he didn’t see beyond it, he believed it was to redemption of some sort. He packs his lunch and feeds his dog a few pieces of lunchmeat. He gives his dog a kiss and then leaves for work. Between traffic lights, he searches for places volunteer.

Director: Cole Bennett Year: 2018

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