Video Review: Macklemore & King Draino “How To Play The Flute”

Macklemore greets King Draino at the park bench. King Draino says he’s going to go back to college to become a hypnotist. He asks Macklemore if he has ever been hypnotized. Macklemore says he’s not interested. King Draino waves his gold necklace in front of Macklemore and tells him to focus. He asks Mackelmore what his aspirations are. Behind them, a sixtysomething man plays the flute. Macklemore says he would like to regain his “inner child.” King Draino stops him and calls him out saying, he wants girls to be around him, shaking their butts. King Draino snaps his fingers and the sixtysomething man says “Gemini.”

In the clouds, greek gods and goddesses dance and play the flute. Macklemore sits in a throne next and touches the finger of a young woman. Lightning strikes her hairy armpit.

Behind a waterpark, Macklemore, shirtless, dances with several other bare-chested men. With a mustache and glasses, he attends a high school in the prom and poses with his date by the lavender curtain. He puts a toupee on his teacher’s head.

He and King Draino ride a bicycle through the European countryside. A curtain opens on stage and King Draino, as a magician, points his wand and a leopard appears with a miniature sixtysomething man, playing the flute.

Buried in the sand, Macklemore sips his drink and smokes as crabs crawl next to him. As a matador, he rides on a horse while smoke rises through the icy mountains. As Bob Ross, he dances by the canvas and paints a naked Macklemore.

Wearing an all black outfit and black makeup, he dances with some goths inside a decrepit castle.  Flames burst his hands.

Against a swirling background, King Draino cradles a snake. He hugs an alligator and dances by himself. He snaps his fingers and declares he was successful.

Rating: 0/5

Macklemore denied he was ever hypnotized. He claims he had only fallen asleep. King Draino points out if he was a Greek god or a cult pop culture figure. Macklemore’s eyes dart and forth, avoiding the question. King Draino says a certain word and Macklemore starts explaining how to paint a tree. King Draino snaps his fingers and Macklemore shakes his head, wanting to know what happened.

King Draino says he’s going to pass his courses for the semester. As part of his final exam, he needed to study someone and explain the results. Macklemore recalls his dream. King Draino takes notes and asks if Macklemore felt as though he were in control of his life. Macklemore answers that he seemed to be reliving his childhood in some ways. As a child, he watched a lot of Bob Ross and read Greek mythology.

King Draino hands in report and earns an A for the semester.

Director: Jake McGraw Year: 2018

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