Video Review: Real McCoy “Another Night (European Version)”

A robot man with a mask over his face lies on his chair, watching his black-and-white clips from movies over hundred years ago. He moves his stiff arm and then turns his head from left to right. As he listens to the music, his chest jerks. He stands up and looks into the screen. Inside the television, he finds a card and inserts it into system.

A robot woman stretches on her chair, wearing a corset and smoking her cigarette.

He twists the key in the television and touches the screen, indicating his emotion. She sees the lightbulb light up on top of her screen and walks towards it. She inserts her key into the television and responds with her emotion.

On the television, Olaf, wearing a knight’s uniform, stands by the moon. She watches him, moving her arms and cranking the dial on the side of the television. Patsy sings on television against a starry background.

They both dance by their windows. Using his binoculars, he looks into the woman’s window. The woman views him through her telescope. They wave to one another. She puts the needle on a record. He cranks the dial on the television, causing it to overheat.

He walks to the woman’s window and opens it. They dance together and leave arm-in-arm.

Rating: 3/5

The woman checks her settings and troubleshoots. It seems as though she can’t move. She sends an error report to the manufacturer. Tech Support returns an hour later with a message that she needs to watch television to learn human movement.

According to her memory, she was a socialite, traveling throughout Europe and influencing fashion trends with her outfits. She only drank several glasses of wine while out with people and worked with charities in between parties. Viewing the humans on screen, she feels as though she’d seen experienced it before.

The man had given up on moving. Tech Support had rebooted him several times as they tried to fix the problems. He had reported that seeing the humans troubled him. He recognized the clips on the television. As a human, he once memorized the lines from the movies.

He believed there were others out there who remembered being human at one point. The new world scared him. Verbal language was forbidden. If he didn’t behave accordingly, he would be torn apart and destroyed. Across from him, he often watched a trapped robot like him. He wanted to speak to her. The only he could was through the television.

While they watch one another, their movements become smooth. The connection gives him hope the new world has some compassion. The woman is relieved to find someone like her. They communicate in their secret language, evading the cameras monitoring them every moment.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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