Video Review: ABBA “Super Trouper”

A crew turns the spotlight towards the stage.

Against an ice blue background, Frida and Agnetha sing.

They stand in the center of a carnival. Frida waves. Agnetha and Frida clap for the firebreathers dancing around them.

Wearing a sweater, Frida stands against the ice blue background, singing.

Frida, Agnetha, Benny and Bjorn perform underneath the multi-colored lights during a concert. Agnetha points to the lights. Still photos capture them singing. They continue to perform.

Rating: 3/5

Frida reads on the bus. Agnetha snacks on some chips. Benny and Bjorn play a board game. Frida blinks back tears as she looks up from the pages of her books. Their family was no longer. Although they were touring together, conversation was limited. Frida and Bjorn avoided each other, only speaking each other to say “excuse me.” It made it difficult to speak with Agnetha, who maintained a friendly relationship with Benny.

In private, Agnetha said she would always be her friend. Frida cries to her and says she misses when they were two couples who hung out and sang as a way to pass the time. Agnetha reminds her that it wasn’t going to stay the same forever. She pats Frida on the shoulder and tells her it will get better. Frida nods her head and remains silent until they reach the venue.

Bjorn cracks a joke as they leave the bus, looking to her for a reaction. She glares at him. Benny and Agnetha exchange concerned looks. Agnetha carries her luggage and walks with Frida. Frida snaps at Agnetha to leave her alone. Agnetha responds that she’s only trying to help. She turns around and shouts that she doesn’t need anything from them anymore. As they walk into the venue, they go into seperate directions, greeting old friends.

Director: Lasse Hallstrom Year: 1980

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