Video Review: Troye Sivan & Ariana Grande “Dance To This”

Inside a recreation hall, Troye Sivan walks up to a fortysomething man and hands him a homemade compact disc. The fortysomething man puts the disc inside the stereo. A sixtysomething woman bites into a potato wedge. Sivan stands at the microphone, waiting for the music.

He takes off his jacket and starts to sing. Twin boy siblings sit in the front table and watch him while the fortysomething man sleeps. Someone shuffles some cards. Ariana Grande sits by herself, elbow on the table and then gets up to join Sivan. He watches as she sings at the microphone. He dances over to her and sings with her. A fifteen-year-old young man looks up from his homework.

The fortysomething man wakes up. A thirtysomething woman creates a row of dominoes on the table. They dance in the aisles. Some of the people get up and leave. The fortysomething man leaves. Sivan and Grande dance and sing by themselves in the hall.

Sivan flips the switch for the lights, causing them to flicker on and off. They dance on the tables and around the room.

Sivan sits by himself at a table,  listening to music on his headphones, his hand on his cheek.

Rating: 5/5

Troye Sivan already finished his homework. His vocal class ended fifteen years ago. There was a 45-minute wait for the shuttle to take him home. In the recreation hall, a senior citizen ate some lunch. The adult mentor left to go the bathroom and hadn’t come back yet.

Although he had been going to the community center for a few months, he still hadn’t made any friends yet. There was young woman around his age named Ariana who was in his vocal class. He fangirled over her voice. She should be performing in state productions of musicals. They exchanged hellos but never really had a conversation.

She walks into the room and sits at a table by herself. She texts on her phone and makes a call. He can overhear her telling her mom that she applied for some jobs and won’t be coming to the classes anymore. He slumps in his chair, realizing he won’t get the chance to get to know her or that she’ll be wasting talent at menial job.

Director: Bardia Zenali Year: 2018

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