Video Review: Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora “When the Rain Begins to Fall”

As part of the 1984 film, The Voyage of the Rock Aliens, The Pack, a group of several men dressed in white shirts and jeans, kickstart their motorcycles. Dee Dee (Pia Zadora) walks up and sits on the backseat of a young man’s bike. Their headlights on, they ride through the desert into the evening. Rain (Jermaine Jackson) talks with his friends and walks in the mountains, watching the sun set.

At the bar, Dee Dee meets Rain’s gaze as she carries two beers. Her boyfriend pulls her aside. While she and the Pack leave, she looks at Rain as he leans against the wall. She listens to him as he talks to her, pushing her boyfriend aside. She turns as they walk the steps, seeing Rain snap his fingers on an arch. Her boyfriend takes her arm and she pushes through the Pack to find Rain.

Back at the diner, Rain holds his friend back as he walks to Dee Dee. Dee’s boyfriend glares. Both group of friends stand back, waiting for a fight. Dee Dee and Rain dance in the street. They run off together and cuddle by the wall. The Pack play pool and finish their beers.

Dee Dee puts her arms around Rain as she rides on the backseat of his motorcycle. In the evening, her boyfriend keeps watch by the window. The other members gather by the balcony. Dee Dee holds Rain’s hands as they walk between the small fires in the forest. Her boyfriend grabs Rain. Dee Dee hides in a cave. Rain’s friends leap over a rock to help. Rain finds Dee Dee in the cave.

Both groups of friends fight in the cave. She stares at him as she walks with her boyfriend. Rain watches her hop on the back of her boyfriend’s bike and leave.

Rating: 1/5

Dee Dee coughs as she walks with her best friend, Diane to their first class. At least once a week, a heavy fog covers the area. She tells Diane she needs to find some home remedies to take care of her voice. Diane makes some suggestions. While the bell rings, Dee Dee says to wish her luck. She’s going to ask her boyfriend to let him into his band.

During class, he whispers to her that he wouldn’t feel comfortable with her being there. She dabs her eyes with tissue as she takes the pop quiz. In choir class, she announces she’s going to start a band. She and her friends set up practice time and play their instruments. She thinks of Rain as she sings an original song into the microphone.He knew she truly was the superstar. However, she was a coward and couldn’t stand up for to her friends. She needed to be with her boyfriend in order to become famous in her own right.  Rain would always be her true love.

Rain, though, drinks at the bar and says Dee Dee was in love with him once. He thought she would come back. But she continued to see her drive around town with her boyfriend. He had to face reality: she only cared about herself. He was only a foot stool as she become a well-known singer. She never offered to duet with him, citing optics as the reason. He deserves a moment in the spotlight for himself.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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