Video Review: Shania Twain “Soldier”

A little girl, wearing a tiara, sits in her mom’s lap and talks with her as she waits for her dad to come home. A father takes out his camera while a mother and wife of the soldier cry and wave. Inside a hangar, children wave posters that say “welcome home daddy!”

Shania Twain, sitting on an open guitar case, sings as she moves over the audience at the concert.

Soldiers run on the stairs of the plane and run to their families. A thirtysomething man picks up his two little girls. A fortysomething man looks for his wife and gives her a hug. A fiftysomething man opens the door of his home and hugs his two children. A twentysomething man kisses his girlfriend. A wife kisses her husband as she holds their daughter.

A fortysomething man smiles as he holds his son and talks to his wife, who is carrying their daughter. He gives his son a high-five. A twentysomething woman cries as she hugs her boyfriend.

On stage, a man and woman dance together while Twain continue to moves across the audience. A family poses for a picture with the a twentysomething man. A mother hugs her son on the front porch of her home. A second twentysomething holds his infant daughter. A thirtysomething man bends his knees as he runs to hug his little girl.

The man and woman stop dancing to watch Twain move across the audience.

Rating: 4/5

A little boy tugs at his mother’s shirt, asking her what time is it. She answers him and says that they will see daddy soon. Beside her, a young woman gives her mother-in-law a tissue. They have been sobbing on and off for the afternoon. He’ll be with them, safe and sound, in a few minutes. A twentysomething mother fixes the bow on her infant daughter’s head. “Are you ready to meet Daddy?” she asks her baby.

A thirtysomething puts a picture of his wife back in his pocket and stands up in line as he prepares to get off the plane. His seatmate, the second young woman, grins at him with tears in her eyes. A fortysomething man waits in his seat. Despite it being his third tour, he still needs to gather his composure before seeing his family again.

The little boy calls out “Daddy!” and shows him a drawing he made of him. The thirtysomething man hugs him and tells him it’s wonderful. He says he’s going to hang it in his office back home. A twentysomething man holds his infant daughter and says she’s beautiful. “Dada? Dada?” he says to her.

The second young woman races to her girlfriend, nearly toppling her over on the ground. She starts talking fast and asks about their puppy. Her girlfriend says he’s a little monster and can’t wait to see her. The fortysomething man hugs his family and cries. Tomorrow, he will put in his notice and retire. He can no longer put him and his family through the tours again. The young woman takes pictures of her husband as he walks off the phone. Her mother-in-law breaks into tears.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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