Video Review: Cher “I Found Someone”

From the hallway, Cher watches her boyfriend fix his hair in the mirror. She walks to the bedroom and sits on the bed, holding his jacket. He takes right out of her hand without saying a word to her.

Inside a picture frame, they smile as they dance at the club. Over her shoulder, her boyfriend gazes at a young woman. The young woman walks by them, touching her boyfriend’s back. Her boyfriend stops dancing to look at the young woman.

Cher performs on stage.

While a hanging candle burns, she looks into the mirror. She walks into the bedroom and puts on her sequined boots. She walks into the club, wearing silver minidress and dances with her new boyfriend. Her current boyfriend and young woman turn their heads while sitting at the table.

Her current boyfriend watches them dance. The young woman slides her face on his body while he stares at at her. Her current boyfriend pulls Cher away from the other guy. She slaps him and continues to dance with the new boyfriend.

Walking home, a guitarist follows her.

On stage, she sings next to her guitarist.

She returns home and opens her suitcase. She throws the picture frame on the bed and looks the cracked glass. Her current sits beside her and cuddles next to her.

Rating: 3.5/5

Another night alone. She shouldn’t have taken her current boyfriend back after he openly cheated on her. Cher decided to call the guy who she broke up with last week. He answered and asked what happened. She talked to him for four hour straight, apologizing for hurting him. There was no worry about her boyfriend coming home. He was sleeping with a young woman he saw at the club again.

Her current boyfriend returned home and kissed her on the cheek. He took off his shirt, stinking of cheap perfume and sweat, and headed for the shower. To him, she was a safe bet. As long as the relationship stayed on his terms, he would be okay.

Her mother had told her it would be okay if she left him. Her mother added that she had noticed a change in him. He was taking her for granted and she shouldn’t feel obligated to stay. Cher wipes a tear away from her eye while she rests her head on the pillow. Barefoot, he pads into the bedroom, turns off the lamp and gets into bed. He asks her if she could move over and takes most of the sheet,

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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