Video Review: Fall Out Boy “Bishops Knife Trick”

On stage, the white llama whispers to the grey llama. The spotlight shines behind them and they begin to play. Patrick Stump calls out “cut!” and complains the setup. He walks back to his chair, muttering that they’ll try it again.

Back at his chair, Patrick text his best friend, saying that the “band is whack” and calls out “action!” The white llama sways at the piano while the gray llama plays the drums. Stump gets out out of his chair, yelling “stop!” He demonstrates to both llamas how to play their instruments. The white llama waves him off. The gray llama turns his back to Stump and throws the drumsticks.

The stylists fix their fur. The llamas punch each other’s arms as they sit on the chairs. The gray llama plays chess with Stump. The gray llama rejects the hat and shakes it off his head. Stump watches the monitor and micromanages his production assistant. He takes over the control of the board. The white llama wears the hat. The gray llama beats Stump. Stump tosses the table over. The white llama claps while sitting at the piano bench.

The grey llama hits the white llama with his drumstick. The white llama pins the gray llama to the ground. The production assistant breaks up the fight. Stump declares he’s had enough and decides to play the piano himself. Stump walks up the video camera and asks how to turn it off.

Rating: 4/5

Patrick Stump apologizes to the llamas on his Twitter, stating he didn’t mean any harm. In private, he ranted to his assistant the llamas didn’t want to work. They were the ones causing on problems and had no idea what they were doing. However, once the llamas spoke up, three former clients called him out for his bullying.

His people told him to avoid social media. On social media, he was being dragged. Animal rights groups were demanding that he be fired from his upcoming film project. People were finding old posts and commenting on them, discrediting him.

He cuddles his dog and posts on social media that he donated money to the animal rights groups. He also attended an adopt-a-dog day and helped with the animals in the kennels. His agent tells him the damage control may be too late. He needs to go away for a year or two. No longer are hotheads considered tortured geniuses. His agent fires him and leaves.

Director: Scranton + No. 2 Pencil Year: 2018

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