Video Review: Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam “Lost In Emotion”

A young man, his two best friends and eight-year-old son smile at a group of three women. The eight-year-old boy gives his father a high-five and smiles at the girl, who is with the women. Lisa Lisa turns back to the food booth. She asks her friend and daughter how they like their hamburgers. Her second friend struggles with the ketchup and hits the bottom of the bottle.

Her friend takes a bite out of her hamburger and looks at one of the young men. They stop their game and stand together, facing the women. Lisa Lisa steps away from her friends and starts to dance. She sees one of the men flirt with her second friend. She pulls her second friend to him. Her friend, daughter and Lisa Lisa leave them alone.

Lisa Lisa passes a strongman competition and plays the High Striker game. The bell rings as she wins. She starts to dance by the games. A crowd of people join her. She walks over to the stage in the center of the street and sees the banner, stating “come sing with the band.” Her friend encourages to go up on stage. Lisa Lisa puts her hand on her forehead and steps on stage. She begins to perform with them. The crowd dances with her as they listen to the music.

Rating: 3.5/5

Lisa Lisa finishes the song on stage. The saxophonist asks her if she wants to stay for another song. She says okay. In the front row, her friend and daughter clap for her during the entire set. During the break, the lead singer asks her if she was hungry. She touches her growling stomach and answers yes. He buys her a watermelon cup and they talk about music for a while. They exchange numbers. His checks his phone and says he has to be back on stage but tells her she was amazing.

Her friends run up to her and pat her on the shoulder, saying she was the highlight of the evening. A news reporter stops to talk to her for a story. He says he would like to now where she trained. She walks with him, explaining to him she simply sang at home while washing the dishes.

Lisa Lisa hangs the newspaper article about her performance on her refrigerator. Her mother says she’s really proud of her and adds that she was able to watch some of it on television. Lisa Lisa sits down at the table and says it was only one time. Her mother tells her not to turn down any offers. “It’s a chance to get out and pursue a dream.” Lisa Lisa says she’ll consider some of them and asks her mom to eat a little more of her dinner.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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