Video Review: P!nk “Secrets”

After a concert, Pink walks down the hallway of the venue. Several of her dancers wait for her. They get into a van and get dropped off on the sidewalk. They walk into a warehouse. The dancers stand by the graffiti art painted on the wall,

The wall narrows and turns inward as she pulls the material covering her shoulder.

Two female dancers dance on opposite sides of the wall, glancing over their shoulders at one another.

Outside the warehouse, a male and female dancer hang out by the street pole.

As she and her dancers walk, she places her nail in her mouth and bites. A third female dancer puts her head on Pink’s shoulder.

The female dancer, wearing red pants, rests her head on other woman’s leg. The screen splits into two. On the left, the female dancer, wearing red pants, bends down to other woman’s stomach. To the right, another female dancer touches the shirtless male dancer’s chest. Another male dancer leaps into both screens.

The screen splits into three with Pink in the center as several dancers move on both sides. As the screen splits back into two, Pink points to her mouth on the sidewalk on the left and while standing against the blurry painted background to the right.

She slides against the wall as a female dancer rolls her hips by her body. The two male dancers roll their hips against one another. They walk towards one another and embrace.

Pink stretches her arms in the hallway. An electric blue light glows behind her. She joins her dancers as they hang out by the wall.

In the split screen, the female dancer presses Pink against the wall. They raise their arms as they hold hands. One of the male dancers puts the man’s head by his crotch. Pink covers her mouth. The female dancer, wearing red pants, straddles the other woman. Pink grabs the female dancer’s breasts and laughs.

Rating: 1/5

As Pink performs a song, she notices two female dancers glaring at one another. During intermission, she asks what’s going on between them. While one female dancer wipes her shoulders, she says it’ll solve itself. The second female dancer shrugs and answers “whatever.”

Pink decided to ask around within the group. A male dancer says he believes they both went for the same job and only one of them got it. She sees a male dancer kiss his co-worker and smiles. She congratulates them on finally being together. They ask her about her husband and kids. She showed them some videos on her phone. Although she has known them for at least a decade, she decides to wait to tell them about a fight she had with her husband.

In the bathroom, she hears someone vomiting in the stall. She believes it’s one of her dancers. As Pink washes her hands, the female dancer says hello and says she shouldn’t have eaten before the set. Pink tells her to feel better.

Her manager taps her shoulder in the hallway and says she needs to get back on stage for the encore. She and her dancers run to the stage and wait for the lights to turn back on.

Director: Larn Poland & P!nk Year: 2018

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