Video Review: DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper & Quavo “No Brainer”

DJ Khaled sits on a chair inside a soundstage, a tray of two liquor bottles next to him. Two women talk behind him as he calls out orders.

Justin Bieber gets out of a vintage car and leans against it. DJ Khaled hits the clapboard and gives a thumbs up. Bieber dances against the rearranged Hollywood sign backdrop (which says We The Best). While a crew member carries a ladder, he eats a corndog and climbs on top another vintage car and dances on the hood.

DJ Khaled gives him some pointers. He dances on the road as the palm trees disappear. Bieber sits down next to DJ Khaled to watch Quavo film his part.

A woman poses on a platform as Quavo paints her. A parrot chirps on his shoulder. DJ Khaled smokes a cigar and writes in his book. DJ Khaled and Quavo dance in the center of the room. The woman smokes a Khandypen between takes. DJ Khaled picks up his son and sits him on his lap. Bieber sips from a water bottle.

DJ Khaled and Bieber dance on a blue sky covered floor.

A stylist brushes Chance The Rapper’s face with some blush he sits on a vintage car with DJ Khaled and Bieber. DJ Khaled smokes a cigar. Chance The Rapper, wearing a lavender polo shirt, stands up by the car as he raps. Inside a mansion, Chance The Rapper wears a tuxedo as young women, in suits, dance behind him. Bieber walks down the stairs. DJ Khaled dances with a young woman, wearing a red dress. Gold confetti as DJ Khaled instructs the cameraman to move the crane closer.

Two women wait in a Fashion Nova branded golf cart inside the soundstage. DJ Khaled opens a Fashion Nova bag and surveys a rack of clothes.

DJ Khaled hits the clapboard on a manmade rooftop inside the studio. The columns disappear as Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Quavo and DJ Khaled dance behind an electric blue sun.

DJ Khaled holds up two liquor bottles against the gold painted wall of the art studio. A young woman holds up another bottle of liquor at the party.

DJ Khaled, Bieber, Chance The Rapper and Quavo raise an arm in the air and point as they stand on the manmade rooftop.

Rating: 2/5

DJ Khaled pitches to direct his new music video to the record label executives. He  states he has learned  from previous directors on past sets and stayed late to help edit. He sums up with his past accomplishments and thanks them for their time. They say he welcome to do it and offer him help.

On the first day, his head spins as people arrive with the vintage cars. The costume designer interrupts him for his final approval for the dresses while Bieber asks if he should focus on dancing more. He receives a message that the catering company is running late. He slumps in his chair during a break and Bieber pats him on the shoulder, telling him he’s doing a good job.

The parrot wouldn’t stop rapping. It was throwing Quavo off. DJ Khaled freaked out to his production assistant. His editor assured him it would be able to be fixed. He tried to get as much as he could. However, he had to scrap most of his idea for Quavo’s section.

However, by the third day, he and the crew had found a rhythm. Chance The Rapper had helped him out with the choreographer on the mansion set and offered him suggestions. At the end of the week, after editing the video and sending it to the record label, he relaxed by the pool and spent time with his son.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2018

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