Video Review: John Parr “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man In Motion)”

John Parr steps in a puddle as he walks in the pouring rain to see the ruins of famed Washington D.C. bar, St. Elmo’s. Former regulars Alec (Judd Nelson), Leslie (Ally Sheedy), Kevin (Andrew McCarthy), Jules (Demi Moore), Kirby (Emilio Estevez), Wendy (Mare Winningham) and Billy (Rob Lowe) peer through the front window, viewing the burned tables and stage. Parr leans against the fallen sign.

From the 1985 film. St. Elmo’s Fire, the group wears their gowns as they leave graduation together.

Parr stands underneath a lightbulb as a small fire burns by the stage.

From the film, Jules rocks back and forth in her empty apartment. Billy smokes a cigarette as he walks away from campus. The group sing as they walk into the bar.

Parr walks around the bar.

The crowd cheers for Parr as he performs on stage. From the film, the group enters the bar together and sit at their usual table. Jules arches her back on the amplifier and kisses Billy as he plays on stage. The group looks at their favorite college hangout one last time.

Parr peers through the window inside the destroyed bar.

From the film, Alec fights Kevin. The group takes a road trip together. Billy sits with Jules in her apartment. Jules kisses Wendy. Kevin exclaims “yes!” as he sits on his bed.

Parr walks past the jukebox.

From the film, Kirby dips Dale (Andie MacDowell) and kisses her. Billy leaves the group after performing. Kevin kisses Jules inside his apartment.

Parr puts his hand on Jules’ shoulder and sits by Billy near stage as a fire burns in the corner. Billy puts his arm around him. Parr smiles at Alec and Leslie. He walks with Wendy. The rest of group joins them. The group leaves. Small fires continue to burn inside as Parr stands by the stage.

Rating: 3/5

While eating breakfast at a diner, he hears on the radio that a fire has broken out at St. Elmo’s. He pays his check and calls Billy on the pay phone. Billy exclaims “Oh god!” and wakes Wendy, sleeping beside him. Wendy says they should let Jules know.

Jules cries on the phone and says she’ll tell Kirby. Kevin knocks on Jules’ door and says they need to go over there to see it one last time. Jules grabs her keys and drives Kevin to the bar. When they arrive, they see Alec and Leslie. Jules gives Leslie a hug and says she has missed her. Kevin looks away. A job loss had humbled Alec. However, he hadn’t ever forgiven him for cheating on her while in college. Leslie walks over to him and says Alec is treating her well. “It’s not like before.” She rubs her belly, saying they are going to be parents soon. Kevin mutters congratulations and turns to rub Kirby’s shoulder.

Kirby says it was his first job. It paid his way through college and St. Elmo’s was where he met them all. He often told his wife they would visit. However, they never got  a chance. Billy responds that he’s okay with the loss. Once he moved on from the bar, he was able to grow up. Wendy agrees, saying she misses it sometimes but those times need to stay in the past. Jules nods, as she remembers her nervous breakdown.

Parr gives them a hug, saying he’s glad to see them all together again. He wondered happened to them, One day, they stopped coming. Jules explains they had to leave college behind and grow up. Alec calls out that he and Leslie have to leave but it was great to see them again. Jules says they need to plan a lunch date. Kevin says he might not be able to make it. Kirby gives Alec his new phone number. Billy kisses Wendy and takes her hand. He tells the group they are going. Wendy says she’ll let Alec know about lunch.

Director: Kort Falkenberg III Year: 1985


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