Video Review: Karyn White “Hungah (Remix)”

On a series of stacked television, a young man rolls up sleeves against the cobalt lined background. Someone runs down the cobalt lit steps. A clock strikes seven. A stereo plays near the televisions.

Karyn White dances in the front of the televisions. On the screen, the man jumps to a rock as the waves crash below. She dances against at the Olympic blue striped bedroom. She leans against the wall as sapphire blue light streams through the blinds.

Against a black background, she puts her hand on her cheek. She runs her fingernails on the wall. With her back to the screen, the young man continues to run. An explosion occurs. He looks through his binoculars.

She stretches out on a chair.

Back on the screen, the young man jumps into a boat.  Against the black background, she runs a necklace over her face. She sits in a chair, snapping her fingers, her back to the television screens. She dances by the blinds in the bedroom.

Rating: 1/5

Karyn White opens a package of cookies and begins to eat it as she watches an action movie. She prefers romantic comedies. However, her Hollywood crush was in it and she had to watch it for his beautiful, sculpted body. She keeps her phone off the hook. Throughout the week, she was looking forward to seeing it and she didn’t want any interruptions.

She pauses the movie and hides the half eaten package of cookies in a drawer. A string hangs from her tattered sweatshirt as she walks back to the couch. She really needs to go to the store and buy some new clothes. No wonder a man hasn’t looked at her. Although her sister says she’s beautiful and has suggested some single friends of hers, White doesn’t want to go out. One failed serious relationship was enough.

Her Hollywood crush was the perfect man – athletic, selfless and romantic. No one could compare. The unattainable man was simple to love from afar. There would be no disappointment or disrespect, only admiration. She dreamed of him rescuing her from the top of an apartment building and shielding her from any violence. She pats her stomach and feels a pouch. She really needs to go on a diet.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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