Video Review: Luke Bryan “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset”

The slight breeze causes ripples in the Dale Hollow Lake at the Sunset Marina and Resort in Santa Marina, California. Luke Bryan stands in the campground.

In the morning, a group of friends, wearing their swimsuits, walk barefoot to their boat. A young woman puts her hand on the pole and turns to stare at her boyfriend. The group ride the boat on the lake. She puts her hand on her boyfriend’s thigh as the wind blows their hair. Some of their play with the multi-colored noodles toy for the water. The group of friends leap into the water. The young woman and her boyfriend jump in together.

Bryan stands by the dock, wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a baseball cap.

They sit in the boat in evening, drinking and talking. He gives her a kiss on the cheek. Their friends say goodbye and leave them alone. Her hand in his, they run to the lake and take off their clothes and jump over the dock. He holds her as she smiles at him, wrapped in her blanket. She puts her head on his shoulder.

The next morning, she watches as she rides the ski-doo. In late evening, they walk through the campground and watch the sun set.

Wearing sweatshirts and shorts, they hold hands by the dock on their last day. They kiss.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young man searched for his old pool noodles and washed his swim trunks. His best friend from high school had invited him on his parents’ boat for the weekend. His friend had winked at him and said his old crush was going to be there. “How?,” he asked. She had been in a different clique and didn’t have any mutual friends. His friend explained that they had a class together and started to hang out.

On the drive up to the lake, he sat next to her and talked to her. By the afternoon, they were sharing food and she was sleeping beside him on the couch in the cabin. She wondered aloud why they didn’t get a chance to talk before. He told her none of it mattered now.

In the fall, he meets her parents and helps her get through a grueling semester. All along, he believed she was the one. Passing by the dinner table, she squeezes his shoulder and opens her laptop. As he listens to her type, he knows it’s something she feels also.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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