Video Review: Nick Jonas “Champagne Problems”

Inside a club, a cluster of lights spin a hazy red on the ceiling. Nick Jonas, wearing sunglasses, moves his way through the crowd and dances shoulder to shoulder with his girlfriend as the light rotates to green.

Lit in hunter green, he sits on the dancefloor while women in skirts and thigh-high boots dance by him.

Lit in hazy red, he snaps his fingers as he continues to dance with her. Back in teal, he takes her arm and puts it on his shoulder. He bites her necklace. She holds up a bottle in the air and drinks from it. He drinks from the bottle next.

On the floor, lit in hunter green, he takes off his sunglasses and runs his hand over his head.

Next to his girlfriend, he holds up the bottle again. Lit in blue, he pulls at her hair while they dance. Back in the hazy red, he takes another drink. A young woman puts her hand on his chest. He rubs his eye and gives the young woman his sunglasses. She wears them as they dance. His girlfriend glares at them.

A second young woman whispers in his ear. He meets her gaze and she walks away.

Rating: 1/5

Nick Jonas nods to the young woman steadying him as they dance. She shouts she’s having a wonderful time and drinks from his bottle. She tells him everything is going to be fine. He searches for the in the corner, thinking he saw his girlfriend. He tells her he has to go. There’s someone he forgot.

As he moves, he stomach lurches and he sits in the middle of the floor. He turns away the bottle from the young woman and takes off his sunglasses. He stays still while his legs become loose. He reaches out his hand to dance in place. Someone pulls him up and he dry heaves. He apologizes and continues to move his feet.

Another second young woman starts to dance with him and gives him a kiss. He rolls his head, staring at the hazy red lights. He tells her love is something that can’t be taken be granted and it must be true. However, he believed it was false. She says love is amazing! She puts her hand on his chest and a warning bell goes off inside his head. He wants to leave. Now. However, it would mean going home. He shuffles his feet as the DJ begins a call-and-response.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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