Video Review: Ray Parker, Jr. “Girls Are More Fun”

A thirtysomething man pulls up his pants in the bathroom stall and washes his hands. In a voiceover, he asks his partner, Feldman, about a guy they are trying to find. Feldman tells him “don’t worry” and he’ll get it straightened out.

In the bar, a woman pages a “Mr. Herb Feldman, please come to the house telephone.” Ray Parker, Jr. shakes his head as he talks with Irene Cara. He says he’s the real Ray Parker, Jr. Irene Cara rolls her eyes in disbelief and responds, “yeah and I’m Irene Cara.” She leaves him at the bar. On television, Parker pulls down his coat, revealing his Ghostbusters tank top. He turns to the television and says “hey, that’s me!”  Two men stand up from their table in the corner and he races down the stairs.

They chase him down the sidewalk. He hides by the door of a building and opens it. Two women put their hands on his shoulders as they shake their hips. He walks around during their exercise class as they warm up. The two men burst through the door and he runs again. Walking down the stairs, he observes as people in identical clothes and hairstyles watch television. They watch as he walks backwards down a tunnel and falls into the portal.

Upside down, residents of Thailand tend to their crops. He lands and the camera rotates to the normal view. A young woman hands him her harvesting tool. The other young women giggle as he struggles to hit the dirt.

He opens up the sewer cover and looks around. Mr. Feldman screams on the pay phone while his partner eats a doughnut. Parker, Jr. turns the corner. He returns to the same street, running from hundreds of women. The two men point him out and start to run.

Wearing a skirt and blouse, Parker walks with the hundreds of women. The two men break through the crowd. Mr. Feldman takes off Parker, Jr.’s wig. He runs and glances over his shoulder to see the hundreds of women following him.

He walks in the desert, playing his guitar. An airplane hovers over him and he dodges it. Mr. Feldman controls it with his remote. It overheats in Feldman’s hands and Parker, Jr. watches the airplane explode. They run up to him and look into the video camera.

Parker, Jr. watches the television in the bar and states that he’s on the screen. Mr. Feldman and his partner stand up at their table in the corner.

Rating: 2/5

Ray Parker, Jr. says the bartender’s name as they talk. The bartender asks him how he knew his name and how he was into baseball. Parker, Jr. replies that he told him yesterday. Irene Cara bumps into him and he says that he’s really himself. They had some drinks at some industry parties earlier in the year. Irene Cara says she’s someone else. Parker, Jr. wonders what is going on and then states he’s on television.

The two men in the back, whom Parker, Jr. recognized as regulars, start to chase him. He runs around the city and eventually dresses a woman to throw them off. The people, though, call out his name. The women beg to be with him. He escapes and lands in the bar again.

He can’t seem to break the loop, though. There is a riddle to solve but he isn’t sure of the problem as he enters the portal again. The portal has taken him all over the world. However, when he explains his adventures,  no one believes him, telling he was always there. He believes the people watching televisions have the answers. They stare at him as though he should know. While he runs down the street again, he walks down the stairs and starts to change the stations.

A woman tells him he knows the way out. Parker, Jr. falls into Ireland while in the portal. Once he returns to the bar, he says nothing as he watches himself on screen. Irene Cara says he does look familiar but she can’t place him.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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