Video Review: Khalid “American Teen”

While waiting at the bus stop, a young woman types on her phone. Khalid looks up from his phone and watches as she takes a seat. He scooches over to her and shows her a video on his phone.

Khalid hangs out with some of his friends by a car.

She takes out of her headphones and shakes Khalid’s hand. They laugh over another video. She takes him by the hand and walks with her to the bowling alley. At the bowling alley, her friends have begun their game. A second young woman dances after making a strike. A young man sneaks some liquor in a third young woman’s plastic cup.

The young man skateboards down an aisle in the grocery store. The group of friends toss around boxes of cereal to one another. Khalid stands behind the young woman in the beverage aisle, his hands on his shoulders. Two of the female friends play a game at the arcade.

The young man and her friend steal a thirtysomething woman’s cart.

By the car, the young women laugh and joke with Khalid. They pull the young man and Khalid together. They dance and drink in the parking lot. Khalid and the young woman talk in private on a bench. He holds her hand as they walk the city at night. He stops to kiss her.

Rating: 5/5

Khalid puts the corsage on the young woman’s dress. Her parents take photos on the lawn. The limousine arrives with several of their friends. Khalid calls out “hello” to them. They greet the young woman’s parents and join in with some photos. Senior year was the best year of his life.

During the summer, he was riding the bus home after work. He saw a young woman, a classmate of his, walk on the bus. He had taken a couple of classes with her but didn’t really know her. She was a really good person who made a point to stand up for his classmates. The bullies were afraid of her. He introduced himself. They talked about their favorite classes. She invited him out with her friends once the bus stopped again.

A male friend of hers was wary of him at first and asked why he was there. The young woman said she because she wanted him there. The male friend usually ignored him whenever they hung out. However, by the beginning of their senior year, the young man asked him to help study for a test in a class they had together. The young man had apologized for being mean to him. However, he was glad he met him. He didn’t have many close friends and Khalid was one of the people he trusted.

During the last dance, she whispers to him that had a wonderful time and she’s looking forward to staying the night with him at the hotel. He gives her a kiss.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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