Video Review: Lara Fabian “I Will Love Again (UK Version)”

Lara Fabian stands in an elevator, her hair blowing from the air conditioner. She stretches her arms out on the seating available inside the elevator.

She sings against an olive green background.

She sits in a chair  in her apartment and stares at her view of New York City at night. Below, a young man walks down the sidewalk. By a park, a young woman lifts her sunglasses and then walks away. The young man and his friends hang out by a fountain. The young woman talks with her friends and they ask her to join them.

She steps into the elevator and presses the button for the basement.

The young man and his friends walk through the turnstiles. She gazes into the mirror inside the elevator. The young woman hangs up the pay phone at the booth. He and his friends wait to cross the street. The young man listens and then hangs up the phone.

The elevator stops. She drops her jacket to floor and walks down the basement hallway. He and his friends get a taxi. She and her friends walk to a club. While waiting in the line, the bouncer checks the young man and his friends’ passes. She debates with the young man about their identical passes. The bouncer allows them inside.

She dances on triangular platform on stage as electric blue spotlights move up and down. The young man and woman talk as she sings. In the front row, people raise their arms to the music. The young man and woman dance together.

She smiles at the audience as she continues to dance.

Rating: 2/5

The young woman read the message word from word from a piece of paper. The person on the other end of line instructed to go to a liquor store. She said the address out loud to her friends and then hung up the pay phone. Her friend exclaimed that she knew where it was and suggested they take they the subway. The young woman said they wouldn’t have enough time.

The young man and his friends hang out by the fountain, figuring out the next piece in the puzzle. His friend says it has to be hidden within the city. A second friend adds the liquor is usually close to the location. They decide to head for the subway.

While at the secret concert. the young man and woman bump into one another in line. She excuses herself and tells him to be careful. He apologizes. After a few drinks, she finds the young man on the dance floor and asks him to dance. As the music speeds up, they dance slow.

They head home after the concert, thinking of one another. The young woman believes she won’t ever feel the rush of love again. The young man searches for her in the city for years afterwards.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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