Video Review: Hall & Oates “Private Eyes”

Against a black background, the guitarist, drummer and pianist perform in jeans and t-shirts.

Daryl Hall, wearing a lime green jacket, moves the magnifying glass from the camera and sings into the microphone. John Oates plays the guitar behind him. The guitarist, drummer and keyboardist, continue to play, wearing long trench coats and hats.

The keyboardist claps and a silver flash occurs. Hall, wearing a trench coat and hat, points to the band behind him. He walks away and returns wearing the lime green jacket again. He shrugs and waves his hand in front of his face. Oates plays next to him. Hall leaves again.

Oates blinks and points as he plays guitar. With their backs to the camera, Hall, Oates and the band clap, emitting silver flashes. Hall rotates between the trench coat and lime green jacket. He pulls at his lime-green jacket and points at his eye.

Hall and Oates stand next to each other, wearing trench coats and hats. Hall jumps up and down as he sings. Back in the lime green jacket, he touches his chest as he sings.

Rating: 2/5

Daryl Hall returned home and rubbed his forehead. He had been working a 12 hour day, tracking a cheating lover. He dreaded telling the news to his client. It was going to devastate him. His gazes at his wife, stirring the chili in the kitchen and thanks his lucky stars he doesn’t have to worry.

His partner, John Oates, calls him at 5 am in the morning, letting him know they have a client meeting. Hall puts on his plainclothes and says goodbye to his wife, who grumbles in her sleep. Oates sits with a young woman with mascara streaked eyes. She presents receipts to them and says she doesn’t understand them. The young woman thinks her husband is involved with some shady characters. She’s scared for her family.

Hall nods and says they’ll take her case. They all had heard the same thing before. A husband or girlfriend is willing to give them their significant other the benefit of doubt. However, there’s that nagging suspicion. Hall takes notes of her husband’s schedule.

Oates follows the man’s husband to the bank and then to a modest ranch home. The man leaves with a suitcase and drives to warehouse. He sees a group of men gather together. The husband makes the drop. Oates shrinks in his seat once he sees the guns. After a round of gunfire, he stayed in the same place for three hours. Hands trembling, he drives to the office and says the young woman was right. They have to help her.

Hall finds her a safe house and develops a plan with Oates. Hall says he’s worried about her. They are out of their depth. Oates tells them they did their job but it’s up to the FBI now. Oates calls his contact at the FBI.

On the news, the husband’s mugshot is featured. He had been a part of a racketeering sting for many years. Hall heaves a sigh of relief.

Director: N/A Year: 1981

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