Video Review: Drake & City Girls “In My Feelings”

At night in New Orleans, Louisiana, people attend a sports game at the Mercedes Benz Superdome. Drake walks out of his SUV and throws a stone at his girlfriend, Keke’s window. Keke (La La Anthony) asks him “what?” Drake explains that he’s been texting her and she hasn’t responded to him at all. Keke tells him to he’s immature to be showing up in the middle of night and shouting at her in her driveway. He says they could’ve gone out tonight and that he loves her. She refutes it, stating he needs to delete the other girls’ numbers from his phone. He says he’ll do whatever he needs to get her back. From the balcony, her mother (Phylicia Rashad) yells for him to “get his Jordans off” her driveway and go back home. He walks backwards to his truck and apologizes.

Once her mother goes back inside, he walks back on the driveway and tells Keke that he’s going to his usual spot tomorrow. He asks her to be there. Her mother returns to the balcony and says “I know the whole neighborhood heard me” Drake says he dropped his contact lens but he has found it. Covering his eye, he walks back to his truck.

Drake smiles as he stand by the Holygrove piece of street art painted on a building. Two young women, wearing rainbow printed tube tops, dance in front of a store. A man sits on a chair on the sidewalk, selling beads. A second young man (Shiggy) dances with his girlfriend on a  bus. Several women shake their butts on the porch. A third young woman dances in place as she drinks on the sidewalk.

Drake hugs a friend of his and tosses a football to a group of kids. Yung Miami dances on a balcony of a restaurant with a group of people. Big Freedia fluffs her hair. Drake and his friends eat at a restaurant. A little boy and his father dance on the sidewalk. They sit on the curb. A marching band performs in the street. People ride their bikes after the parade is over. A group of boys play their drums on the curb.

In the wine red lit nightclub, Drake sits on the couch and watches Keke lean on the door wall.

Drake wakes up on the couch in his dressing room. He tells his manager that he had the “craziest dream about the kid who spits when he talks” danced to his song in New Orleans. Then, everyone was dancing to it.

The production assistant (Shiggy) tells the director he’s getting Drake right now. He tells Drake that it’s time to go. Drake says nothing as he recognizes him from his dream. The production assistant tells the director that Drake isn’t feeling good. Drake says he needs a couple of minutes and asks him if he dances. The production assistant says no and pushes back on Drake to get going. Drake says he needs ten minutes and asks the production assistant to wait outside.

Rating: 4.5/5

Shiggy, a comedian, began the eponymous challenge on his Instagram. While dancing on the sidewalk. he performs the dance in a tan sweatshirt and pants. He forms a heart with his hands and bends down. The video went viral after several celebrities tried the dance. Soon, every newscaster and dentist was posting their own version and gaining millions of views. NME features various takes on the dance.

Social media influencers, though, have been traveling over the world, sharing their favorite restaurants or promoting high-end designers on their blogs. However, Shiggy is the first to break a song and create a hit. Usually, the record labels stay in control of promotion by releasing a visual album or discovering the musician on the Internet. Some record labels take down some artists’ music videos while others stick to reactions of Youtube covers including the singer. The defensive nature of certain labels have limited music industry by only considering the influencers to be the longtime magazines. A large audience exists, as Drake realizes, who love the song and want to participate.

The music industry has been slow to accept the Internet. In the late 90s, multiple labels shut down Napster. It was Apple, with the creation of iTunes in 2001, who was able to capitalize on it. Beyoncé released two successful visual albums that started memes. However, the label of music fans as greedy stealers of copyrighted work still hasn’t been shed by the music industry. Drake, though, was proactive and gave full credit to Shiggy. However, Drake is an anomaly with his support.

Director: Karena Evans Year: 2018

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