Video Review: Sugarland “All I Want To Do”

In Oahu, Hawaii, Jennifer, wearing a bikini, carries her surfboard as she walks barefoot on the trail. Kristian leans against a tree in the forest and plays his guitar. Jennifer paddles in the water and surfs a wave. She floats on her back in the water on her surfboard.

Hair wet, she dances by a rock with her surfboard against the rock. Kristian plays in front of Chun’s. A young man stands with his surfboard by the rock. A rooster walks on the table and almost knocks over a glass of champagne.  A second young man plays a drum on the steps of his porch with his mother standing beside him. Jennifer and Kristian dance in front of the table on the lawn.

Jennifer lies on a hammock while Kristian plays his guitar on the front porch of a home. Jennifer dances by the ocean as Kristian continues to sit and play his guitar on the ledge.

Jennifer and Kristian walk barefoot on the sand. She laughs as the waves crash to the shore. A thirtysomething man stands outside Chun’s. Jennifer, lying on her surfboard, splashes some water. Two young kids dance by the store. Kristian lets the little boy play his guitar and puts his hat on the girl’s head while she strums during her turn.

Jennifer and Kristian toast one another while sitting at the table.

Rating: 1/5

At about 5:30 a.m, Jennifer’s alarm rings. As she puts on her bikini, she hears Kristian snoring in the next room. She gets her surfboard and leaves her cover-up on the chair. As she walks to the beach, she waves at the guys and makes a point to bend over.

They come over to talk to her and offer her to give her lessons. She says yes, although she learned how to surf as a teenager at some of Nashville’s state parks. She pretends to flail on the board. A young man straightens her arms and she grins. She falls down on purpose and asks him to show her again.

While wiping herself off, she notices several messages from Kristian. She simply texts back “busy. C u later.” An hour later, she thanks them for them the lessons and gets the young man’s phone number. She stops at the store on the way home and leans across the counter as she buys some water to drink.

Some women whisper and make remarks as she walks by. However, she puts her chin up and grins at their men. Kristian watches the neighbors’ kids as he waits for Jennifer. He allows them to have his guitar. His stomach growls. She was supposed to meet him for breakfast two hours ago.

Jennifer returns home and pours some champagne. She apologizes for being late and says he needs to drink off his irritation. She toasts him to his patience and they leave for breakfast. She talks about the guys she met and how the awesome waves she rode. Kristian tries to break into the conversation, talking about how he was able to teach one of the kids a chord. However, Jennifer starts talking about the young man again and Kristian decides to stay quiet.

Director: N/A Year: 2008

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