Video Review: Ashanti “Don’t Let Them”

Wearing a sky blue dress, Ashanti walks on her balcony and looks at the city. She sits beside her bed and watches a video of her boyfriend. She sits on the bed and then rests across it. Brushing his teeth, her boyfriend looks at the city as he gets ready in the morning. In a white tank top and jeans, she walks behind him on the balcony and hugs him.

While standing in the kitchen, he makes a sign of the cross as they talk.

She parks the car in the space and walks with her best friend into the bar.

A FBI agent points to them as Ashanti and her boyfriend take a walk. The second FBI agent takes a photo of them from the car. Her mother shouts at her for her to leave her boyfriend. Ashanti walks out of her mother’s home. In the parking lot, she checks her phone and gazes at photos of them together.

She and her friend walk the cardinal red lit striped hallway. Electric blue light covers her as they walk towards the counter. She sees him dancing with another woman.

In a white draped bedroom, she and her boyfriend sleep together.

She stands by a wall painted with red angel wings inside the bar. She runs into the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror. He finds her by the bathroom and puts his arm around her. They drive back home together.

Rating: 0/5

The FBI agent asked Ashanti what she was doing on the 21st of January. Ashanti asked for her lawyer. She had gone to the laundromat with him that day. He had come back without any clothes, stating he had a mistake and left them somewhere else. It hadn’t occurred to her to question what he told her.

She returns home to get some things and discovered it had been searched. Her extra stashes of cash were gone. She drove to the bank and the teller informed her account was frozen. She called her mother, crying, saying she was trouble.

While sleeping in her childhood bedroom, her mother brings her some tea. Her mother tells her it will work out. Ashanti turns away from her, telling her she’s waiting for the “I told you so.” Her mother puts her arm on her back, explaining she was only looking out for her. Ashanti cries in her mother’s arm.

The FBI eliminated her as a suspect. However, she didn’t know how to move on with her life. Her photo had been printed in every newspaper in the United States. Her boyfriend had been laundering money for years. Her lawyer suggesting giving a national interview to clear her name. She told him okay to schedule a few interviews. It seemed to be the only way to get her life back again.

Director: N/A Year: 2005

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