Video Review: Machine Gun Kelly, Quavo & Ty Dolla $ign “Trap Paris”

In Paris, France,Machine Gun Kelly sits at a long table with two young women. They clink their champagne glasses over the array of loaves of bread, pancakes and fruit One of the young women pours syrup on his stack of pancakes.The two women shave Machine Gun Kelly’s cheeks in the family room.

He leans against the wall in the foyer.The neon light rotates from green, teal and pink. One young woman touches up a tattoo and helps him put on his jacket. The second young women pours him some water. They brush his teeth for him. The two women feed each other at the long table.

Machine Gun Kelly, Quavo and Ty Dolla $ign rap in the foyer.

By the pool, a third young woman paints Quavo. Two women lounge behind him. The third young woman stops to exhale some smoke. She and a fourth young women join Quavo in the bedroom.

A fifth young woman walks into the mansion, walking her muzzled Doberman. A sixth young woman sits at the table, waiting and takes a bite of  a delicacy on the plate. Back in the bedroom, the two young women put Quavo’s rings on his fingers.

Machine Gun Kelly walks down the staircase, listening to music on his headphones. He dances by himself in the foyer. He salutes his unicorn butler and buys some bread from a street vendor selling in his driveway. He bites into the loaf and walks away.

Rating: 0/5

A young woman clocks out by the front door. Clutching her purse, she talks with another woman who opened the door. The second young womans asks if she missed anything while she was on vacation. The young woman fills her in on the artist who was commissioned to paint Quavo. She uses air quotes around the word artist. The second woman clocks in and says the artist ordered her around the other day. The young woman asked if Quavo said anything. The second woman nodded and said she didn’t have to listen. The young woman wishes she could be assigned to Quavo.

A third woman clocks out and says she finally put in her notice. She said Machine Gun Kelly refuses to do the simplest things on his own. It’s as though he’s a helpless child and she was hired to be a replacement mother for him. The first young woman says no one has stayed with Machine Gun Kelly for even six months. The unicorn butler walks around and they say goodbye to one another. The unicorn butler had gotten several women fired.

The young woman scurried out the door once she saw the unicorn butler. He monitored the women’s conversations and relayed them back to Machine Gun Kelly. As far as she knew, Quavo and Ty Dolla $ign didn’t really care. However, Machine Gun Kelly often belittled the women based on what the unicorn butler said. The women, though, worked as a team and discussed what was going on at all times. The unicorn butler wasn’t there to protect them.

Director: Ben Griffin Year: 2017

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