Video Review: Bazzi “Myself”

Bazzi, wearing khakis and a pinstripe shirt, carries a golf club over his shoulder as he walks into activities room. He picks up an empty glass and places it on the white carpet.

Wearing sunglasses, he sits on his gold-plated bed. He looks into the gold-plated vanity and stands in the messy kitchen with his labradoodle. In the bedroom, two labradoodles sit on two vintage chairs while he sits on the bed.

He judges the distance with his cup and then hits the golf club on the carpet. The two dogs watch the news, which is reporting that a suicide cult was found dead in a mansion. He hops over checkers board and scattered game pieces.The two dogs chase one another.

He sits one of one the white plastic chairs placed around the indoor pool. On the bed, he adjusts the female mannequin’s hat. An artist paints a caricature of him while he poses on the couch. Muddy paw prints stain the white marble floor. Glasses of red wine sit on a gold-plated table.

In the kitchen, he guzzles some leftover milk from the carton. He pours some of the red wine into the pool. Dishes of dozens of entrees and desserts fill the dining table.  He cuts into a cheesecake and steals a grape from a plate. One of the dogs cuddles with him on the couch. He looks out the balcony and walks down the hallway.

Rating: 3/5

The bell rang for the dinner in the kitchen. The leader had set out an array of every dish imaginable for his followers. Bazzi noted his choice, the cheesecake was included. The leader prayed and that God needed them to make a sacrifice. Outsiders had deemed him a criminal. The outsiders could be not be salvaged. They would never be true believers. The world past the golden corridors of the home were unsafe and they had only one choice. He raised his red wine glass.

Bazzi watched as everyone drank from their glasses and pretended to sip. He then excused himself and ran to the front door. As he climbed over the collapsed guards, he puts his arms over his head. The authorities had to be in the bushes. He walked in the driveway and realized no one was watching.

In his white shirt and pants, he walked several blocks, looking for a police station. Out of the breath and thirsty, he arrived in the police station and fell to the floor. The police had called the ambulance. From his hospital bed, he recalled the murders in the mansion.

A news reporter had asked him how he knew to escape. He explained he had grown up in the mansion and asked about his dogs. They had been his friends since he was a kid. He wants to see his dogs. The nurse tells him they will get his dogs.

Director: Daniel Henry Year: 2018

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