Video Review: Duffy “Mercy (US Version)”

A young man, wearing black patent leather shoes, spins on the dance floor. He swings his arms from side to side. Holding a microphone, Duffy sings on a white, round platform. A second young man, in a white polo shirt and jeans, turns behind Duffy. He leaps into the air. A third man performs a handstand.

A fourth man, wearing black, kicks up his leg. She touches her heart. The man in the white polo t-shirt and jeans does a backflip. Sparks begin to fly on the floor. The man’s black patent shoes catches fire. The man dressed in black does a head stand while covered in flames. She raises her hand in the air as the men behind her burn.

Rating: 1/5

Duffy listens as her sister’s boyfriend talks about work with her mom. He offers to help clean up. Her mother thanks him but says she and Duffy can handle it.. As she brings her dishes to the sink, her mother whispers that she hopes she finds someone like him someday. She forces a smile and answers that he’s really nice.

She checks her phone as she walks to the bathroom and texts her boyfriend. She asks him to rescue her from dinner with her family. He responds she can come over if she wants. His wife was at a  concert with a friend. She says she can be there in 20 minutes.

While in bed with her boyfriend, she avoids looking at the framed photo of him with his wife displayed on top of the drawer. He kisses her back and says he has never loved anyone as much as her. She wants to ask how much longer and give him an ultimatum. However, she knows she would lose him. They had known each other before he got married. His wife had ordered him to stay away from her. But he continued to meet with her. They were both living lives neither wanted.

Every time he said  the word wife, even with a mocking tone, it cut deep inside her. Although she was sleeping with him, she wasn’t a true part of his life. She had dated some kind but dull men as she waited for him. However, neither could prompt her to change her life. As she walked past the other rooms, she searched for signs of a breakup. But she discovered her makeup was in baskets in the bathroom and a plastic container marked with her name. She opened the container and microwaved it.

Director: Adria Petty Year: 2007

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