Video Review: Hayley Kiyoko “Sleepover”

A young woman sleeps on Hayley Kiyoko’s bed. The projector whirrs as Kiyoko stares ahead while sitting on the end of her bed. The young woman sits next to her and kisses her neck.

With the lights off in the apartment, Kiyoko turns on the projector. The young woman smiles as she stands by the wall.

Kiyoko, on the edge of the bed, turns around and sees the young woman isn’t there. She and the young woman make out in the bed.

She sits in the bathtub and holds the young woman’s hand, who sits on the other end. The young woman pulls on her pants and walks towards Kiyoko. The young woman gives Kiyoko a lap dance.

Kiyoko sits in the bathtub by herself.

She and the young woman dance in front of the television.

Kiyoko dances in front of the projector by herself. She looks back at her bed.

Rating: 3/5

Hayley Kiyoko reads the text on her phone, wondering how she should respond. She begins to type out if she wants to hang out but then deletes it. She checks the time and realizes she has given it response time. She decides to ask her for a recommendation for any restaurants in the area. She hits the send and waits.

While in her room, she turns on the television and keeps her phone beside her. Every so often, she picks up to see if she missed a text from the young woman. The young woman had been a longtime friend. They had hung out at parties. The young woman asked her out years ago. She had said no at the time. In between, they dated other people. The young woman, though, had been in a long-term relationship. She looked for cracks and waited for her.

As she sits alone, she thinks of what could be and imagines the young woman coming over to her home, saying she only needs Kiyoko. She checks her social media and sees the young woman standing next to her girlfriend. On her post, the young woman writes: “I said yes!” Kiyoko puts her phone down and dry heaves. She runs to the bathroom, holding her stomach.

Director: Hayley Kiyoko Year: 2017

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