Video Review: Technotronic & Ya Kid K “Move This”

Against a white background, Ya Kid K taps his sneaker on the floor. She walks back and forth. A young, shirtless man dances against the white background.

Lit in electric blue, a young woman twirls her skirt, allowing a peek at her underwear. A second young woman, in platform heels, moves her arms as she dances in place against the white background.

Against a black background, Ya Kid K continues to rap while lit in electric blue. In black-and-white, the shirtless young man spreads in his arms in his driveway. A third young woman, wearing a white crop and skirt, kicks up her legs as she sits on a bench.

As strobe lights flash against the black background, a fourth young woman lifts her blonde hair. A second man in a leotard moves his arms back and forth against the strobe lights. In black-and-white, a fifth young woman shakes out her hair. A third, shirtless man dances by a column. Back in black-and-white, a sixth young woman pulls her denim shorts over her underwear.

Hand in her pockets, Ya Kid K watches the second man in leotard dance next to her against the white background, Three young women walk together between the columns of a mansion. Ya Kid K splashes buckets of paint on the white background.

The screen spins and rotates while Ya Kid K sits on a stool against the white background, streaked with blue, yellow and red.

Rating: 0/5

The young female model purses her lips. The photographer calls for her to flip her hair. During a break, she takes some drugs off the table and enters her dressing room. The photographers and assistants exchange looks as she walks away. An assistant contacts her publicist to prepare a cover story. The young female model’s problems with drugs was escalating. It began as a way to remain a waif and keep herself employed. However, the young woman was intimidated by the 15-year-olds winning the coveted spots on the magazines.

The shirtless male model dances during his catalogue shoot. His manager interrupts the shoot and asks for a minute with him. In private, his manager informs him that he’ll be featured model in a high-end designer’s ad. The male model thanks him and asks when he’ll receive the contract. His manager tells him it will be in a few days.

The shirtless male dancer practices at the studio and talks with his teacher about auditioning. She tells him good luck tomorrow and that he should do well. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and says they need to go out over the weekend for some drinks. He takes the subway train to his job and imagines the choreography in his mind. His knee trembles as he thinks of sitting in the chair, waiting inside the studio. It would be heartbreaking if he didn’t get a spot. It was his favorite Broadway musical being helmed with a dream director. He wants the job so badly.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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